On November 15 1777, the continental congress took the Article of confederation as the first constitution of the United States. However, the Article of confederation founded a very weak government that all the power by states. States are sovereign even powerful than people. From the Article, we can know that there is no independent executive which is no president or a judicial branch. Congress is the only branch of government. It seems the congress have some powers, but it has no power over interstate or foreign commerce. Moreover, congress has no taxing power, but states can do that. Congress is really poor, when it need money that the only way to get money is request funds to run the government. Besides, law requires congress has one body and each state only has one vote. And the way to elect a member into congress that did not vote as individuals, but as states. All in all, according to the Articles of confederation, we know states are very powerful. Once the article of confederation has set up that it is hardly to revoke it which only by approval of all the states. From last what I have mentioned, I think the Articles of confederation did a better job of protecting liberties.

Constitution is the principles of U.S. government, especially the concepts of Separation of Powers, checks and balances, and Federalism. There is three divisions of separate from powers between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. Checks and balances are related to a system that through each branch of government to operate it. While each branch of government keeps some powers of the other branches that in this way to control each other. Congress has right to veto the president, and the senate can veto down presidential appointments. While the Supreme Court can cut down the laws which approved by congress or by the executive. Besides, congress has power to collect taxes, duties and imposts. Also, it has power to regulate commerce with other nations and among the states. Talking about amending the constitution that only with approval of ¾ of states. The most important thing about the constitution that its central government and state governments acts directly on the people. In conclusion, constitution was better at running a government because it created a very strong government.

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