1. Establish, advertise
and control the bodybuilding and fitness on a global scale.

2. Advertise the
importance and a commitment to get healthier through physical culture,
proper nourishment, and weight excercise.

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3. Develop and evolve
friendship and assistance in  IFBB.

4. Deal with  the actions of the National, Regional and
Continental Federations.

5. Cconstitue rules for
the body-building and fitness.

6. Oversight all
international bodybuilding and fitness events competitions.

7. To implement an
anti-doping program in accordance with such anti-doping rules as may be enacted
for that purpose; to conduct in- and out-of-competition doping controls,
whether announced or unannounced; whether random, weighted or targeted; whether
with advance notice or without advance notice; to conduct doping controls at
all world-level competitions; and to ensure that anti-doping programs are
implemented and that doping controls are conducted at national, regional and
continental levels.

8. To handle research
into the benefits of training as it relates to physical excercies, both as a
basis towards reaching peak athletic achievement in sport and to boost the
general health of the population at large.

9. To manage training
programs for sportsmen, judges, trainers and others.

10. To distribute
research information on physical culture, nourishment , and weight training to
its representatives and other interested individuals and organizations and

11. Act as the official
international representative of the sport of bodybuilding and fitness at all
international sports federations and associations competitions and events.

12. To cooperate with the
International Olympic Committee (IOC), SportAccord (formerly GAISF), and other
organizations having as their purpose the promotion of sport on an
international scale.

13. To entitle judges at
the international and global level.

14. To discipline
representatives whose acts are judged contrary to the Constitution and Rules.

15. To honor outstanding
contributions to the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, by Members or other
individuals or organizations, with special plaques, medals or certificates.


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