3.1 the system are Data Flow Diagram, interviews,

3.1 – IntroductionSystem Analysis is study of the different operations that performed by a system and their Users of system. Actually you have solve problem, what must be done to solve the problem? Analysis begins when a user or manager begins a study of the program using existing system. During analysis, data collected on the various files, decision points and transactions handled by the present system. The commonly used tools in the system are Data Flow Diagram, interviews, etc. Training, experience and common sense are required for collection of relevant information needed to develop the system. The success of the system depends largely on how clearly the problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and properly carried out through the choice of solution. A good analysis model should provide not only the mechanisms of problem understanding but also the frame work of the solution. Thus it should be studied thoroughly by collecting data about the system. Then the proposed system should be analyzed thoroughly in accordance with the needs.In most traditional bookshop and libraries they are using old management system to organize and manage their books title and materials which is depend on register everything in papers, this old way is good for that age, but nowadays daily a lots of magazine, stories, novels, researches and encyclopedias are published and sold all over the world so you need strong, flexible, extendable management system for these libraries.In our project we decide to create and develop a management system for these bookshop and libraries, our aim is to transfer these important facilities from its old status to the new world of fast and renewed knowledge, for this purpose we interviewed guys they are working in their library with old way of management.The project is Library management software for monitoring and controlling the transactions in a library. The project is developed in Visual Basic, which mainly focuses on Essential operations in a library like adding new member, new books, and updating new information, searching books and members and facility to borrow and return books. The project is a windows application written for Windows operating systems, designed to help users maintain and organize library. Our software is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. It features a familiar and well thought-out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching Insertion and reporting capabilities. The report generation facility of library system helps to get a good idea of which are the books borrowed by the members, makes users possible to generate reports’ hard copy.3.2 – Fact Finding Techniques 3.2.1 – QuestionnaireBy asking library owner result come this towards, first of all they want to organize all books with its details and brief summary. Also they asked for notepad which can take notes and save it in computer, finally for finance operations they asked for currency converter. The library have already brand and logo, they are using their logo in some library Martials faces that they sell and to market and spread. Also they have two PCs for printing and typing purpose. 3.2.2 – ObservationAim of observation is to find out what actually happens, not what the workers think observers expect to see. Our team visit library in several different times to check and to be about actually happens in library and what requirements and problems faced or prevent the work in library continuously be good in whole day and all in library tasks. We write down all what we see in every stage of work and split it in categories to simplify the solutions   3.2.3 – InterviewThe interview was in library itself, our team went to library location in Alburaimi where they serve their audience from all community category, first we met the library manager and then we met the worker while they are working in library, we also asked some costumers about their requires and opinion to develop the library to they can depend on it in every Stationery purposes 3.2.4 – Interview Questions1-Do you have a logo?Yes2- Do you have hard or soft copy of your logo?We have a hard copy3- How many PCs do you use in the shop?Two PCs4- What do you want in the software?All details of books, a note taker and currency converter (OMR to DHs)5- What type of problems do you face with the customers?6- Do you have problem with ordering books?Yes, sometime we forget to note the order and we lose some information of orders7- How do you want the design to be in your software?I would like a simple design. It should not be complicated but should be very easy to use.8- Why do you prefer to use computerize system for your bookshop?To improve the bookshop system and attract more customers 9- What the title do you want for your bookshop software?Improving bookshop management system through visual programming tools.10- What are the benefits from the system?Reduce the complexity and confusing while with verity of customers. Also, it will be effective management of the bookshop. 3.3 – Advantages and Disadvantages3.3.1 – Disadvantages of old manual systemPrevious System was time wasting because of providing the insufficient features to customer  like only one book per customer, there is no search engine facility, sometimes user might be searching for a book that is not available in the library in such situations people get irritated and waste their time. In manual Worker sometimes cannot determine which Stationery things in discount list and no time to look up for it in the list one by oneIn manual system we generally use the papers for issuing the book or if the papers has been lost then we have to make a new manual registration again which take time and till then customer have to wait and search the database again for the customer information which is complicated.Manual record keeping is also not a reliable method as people tend to forget things.Modify the details of customer or books is large process and may lead prone to errors.Accession number of the book is calculated manually by looking up into previous records which requires a lot of manpower and if the book is lost then the entry of the book is to be deleted from all the register which is a complex task. 3.3.2 – Advantages of New computerization systemOur Project is an automated Library Management System. Through our software user can add members, add books, search members, search books, update information, edit information, borrow and return books in quick time. Our Project has the following advantages. – User friendly interface – Fast access to database – Less error – More Storage Capacity – Search facility – Look and Feel Environment – Quick transaction – Calculate moneyAll the manual difficulties in managing the Library have been rectified by implementing computerization.To sum up the project objectives are develop a system that can replace the manual library management system and develop a database which stores user details and book details with reliable search facility. Finally user friendly environment.3.4 – User RequirementsThe project is mainly focuses on Basic operations in a library like adding new member, new books, and updating new information. The worker in library asked us to add some more properties like, searching for books and members and facility to borrow and return books, generator for daily or monthly report about transactions in a library and Stationery’s selling.The main Requirements:•    Security•    Logging•    Storage•    Configuration•    Performance•    Cost•    Interoperability•    Flexibility•    Disaster recovery•    Accessibility3.5 – System Requirements This management system can be used in windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, supported for windows platform, the system must be running Windows 98, Windows 98 or Windows NT4.0 operating system and must meet the following hardware requirements. – For Windows XP based computers, a 486 / 66 MHz or higher processor with 8MB – For Windows 7 based computers, a 500/88MHz or higher processor with 32 Mb of RAM – For Windows 8 based computers, a 488 / 66 MHz or higher processor with 16 MB of RAM – For Windows 10 based computers, a 700/850 MHz or higher processor with 512 MB of Ram3.6 – Functional Requirements Our software is easy to use novice, casual and expert user because of the attractive screen design & proper validation for the each field. The software Library Management System has four main modules. • Insertion to Database Module – User friendly input screen in which user can input their data related to the books issue • Calculate fines – Calculate money for customer after porches.  • Extracting from Database module – Attractive Output Screen through which user can get the information related to any inquiry. • Report Generation module – In this section users can get the information about the borrowed book list & Available book list. • Search Facility system – In this module user can search for any books • Search option given to user to search from various book.• User should be able to read any report.• Users can be divided into groups and category for favorite books and goods.• Should comply business rules and administrative functions.• Software is developed keeping downward compatibility intact.3.7 – Non- Functional RequirementsFrontend Programming:- VB.net was used as a frontend VB.NET run on the Internet Information Server (IIS) in Windows Operating System. The .NET Framework provides the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which compiles and manages the execution of VB.NET code, and the class libraries, which offer prebuilt programmatic functionality for Web Forms, exception handling*By using VB.net we have experienced following advantages:- -It drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large application. -It makes development simpler and easier to maintain with an event-driven, server –side -programming model. -Its pages are easy to write and maintain because the source code and HTML are together.-Source code is executed on the server. -The pages have lots of power and flexibility by this approach.-It validates information (validation controls) entered by the user without writing a single line of code.Backend Programming: SQL is used as backend database & various records are arranged in it accordingly. SQL is a very powerful relational database product that both stores data for all sorts of reasons and purposes and allows users with skills ranging from beginner to world expert to input extract and manipulate that data into all the different forms that people want. Benefit of SQL from programmer’s perspective is its relative compatibility with SQL Query can be viewed graphically or executed as SQL statements.*Advantage of using SQL over other database:-SQL is well suited for small, departmental applications. These applications may start as one user’s project. For relatively small data sets SQL works very well for providing flexible information retrieval. It provides simple functionality to create pivot tables and generate graphical reports. More robust tools allow for multiple queries to run at one time, and provide transactional processes, so that if any part of the import fails all changes are rolled back to a state before the import began3.8 – System Map: 3.9 – System Flow Chart 3.10 – Software used for ProjectVisual Studio: Used for developing the design & building the code of the applicationAdobe Photoshop: for editing PhotosMicrosoft Word: writing the whole books namesMicrosoft Excel: creating table and lists for goods and booksMicrosoft Access: Required for large database maintenanceSQL: base database for the project3.11 – Hardware used for ProjectCameraPrinterExternal Hard disk DrivePC with strong CPU and RAMScanner3.12 – ConclusionOur project is to satisfy the needs in a library. This package shall prove to be a powerful package in satisfying all the requirements of the library. The objective of system analysis is to provide a frame work that enables the system creators to make reasonable estimates made within a limited time frame at the beginning of the software project and should be updated regularly as the project progresses.


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