Martin Luther King was a priest who fought against the government for equal rights in America in the middle of the 1900s. He was the leader of the civil rights movement in 1950, until his death in 1968 by assassination. Martin sought equality and human rights for all African Americans who had been treated unfair for the law. Since he was so influenced by Gandhi’s teaching about non-violent methods ,he protesteth through a peaceful protest with a speech where he didn’t attack the whites, but encourage them to move forward from all bad action from the past. To forget what did happen and start at a beginning. These speeches gave big groups of African Americans a new hope for improvements in justice.In 1963, King was one of the driving forces behind the March of Jobs and Freedom,  more commonly known as the “March on Washington”, Which drew over a quarter million people to the national mall. It was at this march that Martin delivered his most famous speech “I have a dream”, which cemented his status as a social change leader and helped inspire the nation to act on civil rights. For the ” I have a Dream” speech, he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1964 in Oslo, and he was later named in the Time Magazine “Man of the Year”. He managed to get support by the white youth, black African Americans and some politicians. The group  Ku Klux Klan, or the abbreviation KKK, was a right wing organization known for its extreme attitudes so-called white lordship, white nationalism and anti-immigration. The group was one of the biggest opponents of martin’s  actions and thoughts. They wrote him letters were they describe him as a not good man for the society. The group amounted a danger of his life with threatening. In 1968, he got shot and murdered when he was in memphis for support a strike among black refugees. The killer got a life sentence in prison on 99 years. He is remembered each year in the united states on Martin luther king day.