The industrial revolution imperialized Africa in many ways. The revolution made Imperialism more necessary, and made it more possible. It helped create a situation where European countries felt the need to expand. The industrial revolution caused imperialism because of economic motives, technology developments, and political competition.         The economic advantages were the main reason imperialism took place in Africa. The investors invested their money in underdeveloped countries such as Africa since they “brought a higher rate of return than if invested in more civilized ones” (Doc B). Due to the industrial revolution, railroads, and were situated in backward countries which earned profits for the investors prompting imperialism. Economic expansion demanded “the convergence of cheap labor, new transport technologies, plentiful water, and coal which gave Europe a period of global dominance” (Doc I). In order to meet the demands of the industrial era the immigration to other countries (imperialism) was necessary. Also the great depression from 1873 to 1896 was “marked by low prices, low profits, low interest rates, and high unemployment” (Doc L). The Europeans saw Africa as a place to get back what they lost and bring their tradition to. Influenced by the industrial revolution they built railroads to modernize Africa as well send Africa’s raw materials to Europe at a cheaper price.         Imperialism also came due to Military and technological advantages. The industrial revolution was when dangerous weapons were invented which meant that “European countries could now defeat Asian or African armies several times their size” (Doc H). Due to this technology Europe was able to takes over a lot of land and imperialize Africa. Other advancements such as the use of “quinine as a treatment for malaria” (Doc G) let the Europeans explore with less risk. As well as “railroads which helped ship goods, mines, plantation, etc.” (Doc B) were advancements made during the industrial revolution that made imperializing Africa easier. STILL NEED ANOTHER QUOTE         Political competition was yet another reason for imperialism to take place. Patriotism and growing power made countries compete with each other for supremacy.