reading both reports, I feel that Chandler’s arguments are more compelling as
he explains how larger corporations are the leading forces of modernization. Large
corporations are highly successful, due to the fact that they have large funds
and a lot of resources at their fingertips. As a result, it makes it extremely difficult
for small business to compete, when they are placed at such a disadvantage. In Chandler
business report, The Enduring Logic of Industrial Success he states, “large managerial enterprises have been the engines of
growth and innovation in modern economies for more than a century” (Chandler,
1). This quote explains that without these large corporation contributing to
society majority of the products or service we have now a day would probably
would not exist. Some examples would be apple and Microsoft. On the other hand,
Schumacher paper states that some successful businesses started off small and
expanded over time. However, there are large organization that provide the necessities
that small organizations need to succeed. For example, McDonald was once a
small business that has grown over the years because of their investors. This allows
them to become one of the most well-known fast food chain restaurant around the
world. To conclude, in today’s society we need to balance out the amount of
small and big business we have in order to prevent any problems from occurring
in the future.


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