In the resolution adopted by the General Assembly in 2005, it was decided that the Peacebuilding Commission should meet in various configurations and have a standing Organizational Committee to develop its procedures and organizational matters.
The Organizational Committee consists of:
(a) Members of the Security Council, including permanent members;  
(b) Members of the Economic and Social Council, elected from regional groups, giving due consideration to those countries that have experienced post conflict recovery;  
(c) Top providers of assessed contributions to the United Nations budgets and voluntary contributions to the United Nations funds, programmes and agencies, including the standing Peacebuilding Fund, that are not among those selected in (a) or (b) above;  
(d) Top providers of military personnel and civilian police to United Nations missions that are not among those selected in (a), (b) or (c) above.
Also, the resolution requested the Secretary-General to establish a multi-year standing Peacebuilding Fund for post-conflict peacebuilding which helps to ensure the immediate release of resources needed to launch peacebuilding activities and the availability of appropriate financing for recovery. 
In order to assist the work of the Peacebuilding Commission, the Secretary-General is requested, in addition, to set up a small peacebuilding support office within the Secretariat staffed by qualified experts.
Meanwhile, in the resolution 2282(2016) adopted by the Security Council at its 7680th meeting on 27 April 2016, it was requested that annual reports of the Commission should include information on the proceedings of  the implementation of the current resolution regarding its working methods and provisional rules of procedure.
Also, it stressed the importance of a closer cooperation between the Economic and Social Council and Peacebuilding Commission and encouraged the Peacebuilding Commission to draw on the expertise of relevant Economic and Social Council subsidiary bodies.
Last but not least, it stressed that the Peacebuilding Support Office should be revitalized and emphasized that the full support of the Secretary-General is needed in order for the Peacebuilding Support Office to support the Peacebuilding Commission.