A also observed. Besides these good practices, the

health and safety inspection of under construction site of 12 MW coal
cogeneration plant was carried out on18 January, 2016.

main purpose of this inspection was identification of hazards which may cause
ill health or injury. Some good practices such as provision of welfare facilities,
designated emergency assembly area, adequate fire fighting and lighting
arrangements, permanent fencing around construction site and practical fire fighting demonstration and
emergency drills was also observed.

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these good practices, the inspection thoroughly revealed multiple hazards
related to work at height, electrical, vehicular movement, manual handling, machinery,
excavation, lifting and fire due to welding and storage of flammable materials
etc which may result in serious multiple injuries or fatalities and property

are the detail of some hazards;


1 – Guard rails and toe boards were missing on the
scaffolding erected at Boiler area and Ash Silo.


Consequences: Serious injury could occur as a result of fall of worker or fall of
materials from height.


Control measures: Erecting of scaffolding by a competent person and inspection and tagging
of scaffolding prior to work should be ensured.


2 – Excavated materials were stored at the edge of deep excavation at
Water Treatment area while workers were present inside excavation.


Consequences: Weight of the excavated material can cause cave-in or can fall back on
the workers could lead to serious injury or death.


Control measures: Excavated material should store at a safe distance (2 feet) from
excavation. Trench box should be used to prevent cave-in due to the weight of
excavated material or collapse of side walls.


3 – Earth wire was missing on concrete vibrator and compactor.


Consequences: Leakage of fault current could cause electric shock.


Control measures: Routine visual inspection and thorough testing of hand held power tools
should be ensured. Use Residual Current Device (RCD) for effective protection.


4 – Frequent reversing of vehicles especially dump truck was observed at
different areas of construction site without taking help from banksman.


Consequences: Serious injury can occur as a result of collision with other vehicles
and pedestrians.

Control measures: Banksman should provide for guiding reverse of vehicles. Wearing of High
visibility clothing by the workers should be ensured. Use of warning alarms and
flashing beacons on vehicles should be ensured.


5 – During transferring of gas cylinders to the top floor of
Electrostatic precipitator area, lifting of load above the workers was observed
by mobile crane.


Consequences: Fatal injuries and property damage can occur in case of falling of load
or striking of load with workers and objects.


Control measures: Proper planning and supervision of lifting operation including
barricading the area should be ensured. Trained and competent operator should
be deputed. Communication and cooperation with other contractors/workers
working nearby about the lifting activity and hazards should ensured.


6 – Cement mixer was operated by the workers with loose clothing and
safety guard was missing on motor and drive mechanism.


Consequences: Absence of machine guards could lead to entanglement with rotating drum
or drive motor and drawing in at nip-point between
motor and drive mechanism.


Control measures: Installation of fixed guards to motor and drive mechanism should be
arranged. Use of cement mixer should be restricted to competent staff.
Compliance with use of gloves for hand safety should be ensured.


7- Throwing of different construction material to the ground floor was
observed by some workers from top of Turbine area.


Consequences: This unsafe practice could lead to serious injury in case of striking
materials with people standing or passing near Turbine area.


Control measures: Debris/garbage chute should be installed for proper disposal/transfer of
material to the ground floor.


Keeping in view of the management commitment towards health and safety
and company interests in the form of moral, social and financial reasons, it is
recommended that necessary action should be taken by the company to rectify
these observations.


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