A object in order to visualize and study

A model is a representation of a real object
in order to visualize and study its behavior and the way it looks (appearance),
and simulation is a process of changing from a mathematical or computer model
to a description of the system behavior based on a set of input parameters.


Modeling and simulation is important in
engineering because description of the system behavior by experimentation may
not be possible due to

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§  The experiment may be too

§  The experiment might be
too dangerous

§  The experiment might get
disturbed by some uncontrolled environmental conditions

§  An experiment can also
take a much longer time to finish which might not be compatible with the time a
person has.


Control or system engineers use process
control in order to get a precise and simple manipulated model by predicting
the real world observations. The mathematical equations used to describe a
system and predict the behavior is known as a mathematical model. The model is
also known as an operator that gives the relation between the input and output
signals, the input and output signals usually refers to the model and not to
the physical system. In order to control processes, the phenomena has to be
described first by using some equations, algebraic, differential or integral
which will give some results which are like the real system.


Recently modeling has become more important
because of the complexity in modern industrial processes. The search for the
best solutions using powerful computers needs mathematical models for all types
of simulations. So simulation is used in almost everything from simple control
of ovens to artificial satellites and ambitious enterprises one way or the
other. Today independent services for modeling exist within the frame work of
research and development.




TECHNOLOGICAL LEVEL. this level is used to construct the architecture of the system
of different-sub systems which are usually the simple components. On this level
the languages used for modeling give a normal description in the form of a
technological model. It is easy to be done but it only indicates how the schema
is made. This level of modeling the satisfaction of the model is not verified
and the physical models are not considered. It is also known as the black box


PHYSICAL LEVEL; this level of modeling uses an energy description of the
physical phenomena.


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