A the school will have the time to

compelling step will be needed on a new school curriculum rollout (BBC News,
December 2017). Prof Graham Donaldson suggested to emphasis digital skills in the
new school curriculum, an example of this is the computer programming. However,
the teachers are not yet fully prepared for this changes without an urgent
action by the Welsh ministers before its introduction in 2022. “There would be
a phased roll-out of the curriculum” (Williams, K.; BBC News, September 2017).

It has been discussed how it is important and was a right decision for the
changes of the school curriculum to be delayed a year when it was planned as
the school will have the time to engage with the development of the curriculum
and be fully prepared for the changes.

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to emphasizing digital skills in the new school curriculum, this change will
empower computer programming and IT to be treated equally with the same
importance as literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths). However, the current
workforce is not yet ready for the enactment of the changes of the school curriculum
which caused its introduction to the schools to be a year delayed.


Welsh Government raise about this issue and they have agreed introducing a new
curriculum will always be challenging, especially for the teachers as this is
what they set as a guide on what to teach their students. “but
we are working closely with teachers… to make sure that they are ready for when
the curriculum is introduced in 2022” (Welsh Government Spokesman, BBC News,
December 2017). However, there will still be a consequence
such as seven and eight-year-old children in the current Year 3 and older will
miss out on the new curriculum. This is due gradually introducing the new
school curriculum from the nursery to year 7 in 2022, year 8 in 2023 and so on.


conclude, everyone is in favour of the changes for the school curriculum which
will be introduced in the year 2022 which will be phased on from nursery to
year 7. In my perspective, it will be more desirable how the current workforce
decided to take their time than introducing the new school curriculum right
away and force it through and get it wrong.


critical reading and thinking skills developed, and this empowered me to
enhance the clarity and comprehension of my writing. Having notes enabled me to
link an unclear text concrete in my own writing, and these helped me to analyse
the text on my own interpretation of the topic. Moreover, I learned to use
Harvard referencing in all my essays.


actionable feedback enabled me to identify my mistakes and the ways to improve
my writing skills. Contemporary Issues’ seminars are where I have enjoyed and
been challenged as everyone is being interactive and throwing out their
opinions and ideas. 


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