A True Profession

A true profession is characterized by a lifetime devotion to one’s specialized area of training when serving others while adding value to one’s quality of work in addition to Integrity of character, sound knowledge, and excellent skills. Honesty, accurate and true dissemination of information in addition to individual responsibility for ones’ actions define true professions.

A true profession is guided by professional ethics and code of conduct without biasness in terms of gender, race, and ethnic affiliations. A true profession is bound by ethical standards which outline disciplinary actions on an errant professional and defines professional behavior.

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A true professional is competent, maintains confidentiality in addition to putting the services of those in whose interest services are rendered first with positive attitudes.

The key difference between a professional and a non professional is that a professional acquires a body of knowledge on the codes of conduct which guide one in decision making and moral judgment (Khurana and Nohria 72).

Non-professionals are not bound by any social contracts and do not go through any formal training on codes of conduct.

A decision with moral implications I have made in the past is when I was in a moral dilemma to release confidential information about a customer who owed the company I work for a big sum of money. Though I had access to information about the credit status of the customer, I did not release information since it could be contrary to the professional ethics of maintaining confidentiality.

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