Alcohol Addiction

Recently there was a meeting on alcohol addiction in our university. We were provided with a lot of information about the alcohol addiction in particular, its symptoms, stages of development and many other points. A lot of attention was paid to the stages. The problem of these days occupies different layers of population independently of the social status and nationality.

There were also such problems discussed as the properties of alcohol and its effect on motherhood, diseases caused by alcohol abuse and its preventions. Alcoholism is a very complicated and controversial issue that is reckoned to be a chronic and progressive disease (Schuckit, 2000, p. 1).

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As far as I know, the main three reasons of mortality in the United States are cardiovascular diseases, cancer and alcoholism. Alcoholism takes a leading place in the range of the most dangerous disease. It is important to know that it can also be prevented and it is likely to be cured. Almost every alcohol addicted person who is ready to take appropriate care and is willing to participate in healing is guaranteed to lead a complete and sober life in future.

It goes without saying, that member of the families, friends, etc. should pay great attention to such people and to call for help at once noticing the first symptoms. Addicts and their families should clearly understand the seriousness of alcohol addiction and start immediate treatment on the urgent way of recovery.

The meeting started from the statement that “the devastation of alcoholism addiction impacts the lives of millions of Americans each day” (Baker, 2004, p. 1). The problem is really serious and we do not even know that many people around us are affected by this disease.

I have been always surprised by the amount of variable literature, tests, programs, etc. that allows finding out the alcohol addicted person easily. The most important thing is to find and to help such person. “Addiction refers to a complex behavioral syndrome including abnormal importance of the drug or activity, use of the drug or activity to an extreme degree” that results in corresponding consequences that may be late to cure if one does not call for the appropriate help at once (Behavioral Medicine Associates, 2009).

Firstly, at the meeting we were presented the evaluation of the numerous obstacles that prevented addicts to take the necessary help. The participants of the meeting provided vivid discussions including the denial of the alcoholic malady, inefficient actions with the help of friend or relatives suggested regular erroneous pieces of advice of professional assistants such as doctors, pastors and physiologists.

There is no wonder, that the alcohol addicted person is a great master to have private conversations with consultants. So, the traditional therapies are usually wrong illusion of addicts and associates.

On the other hand, families looking for outside help are rarely aware of the existence of corresponding successful treatment programs. On the contrary, the sad experience of second-class medical centers and organizations using the simplified approaches of alcohol addiction is known all across the world.

The most crucial statement of the meeting impressed all the members presenting there: “the scourge of alcoholism and drug addiction may never be lifted from the human family, but effective prevention and treatment can lessen its toll of human tragedy and suffering” (Baker, 2004, p. 2).

There is no way to help an addict in case one does not will to. It is very important for the addicted person to feel all harmful consequences of the addiction and of alcohol in particular before giving up this bad habit. There may be different reasons for alcoholic addiction and one of them is the emotional state of a person. The participants of the meeting aired their points of view and there even were several people who told corresponding stories and life situation about the current issue.

We were also provided with the specific information about the physical symptoms “upon abrupt discontinuation or drastic reduction of dosage”: constant insomnia, weakness, irritability, increasing of temperature, respiration problems, disorientation, blood pressure, hallucinations, etc. (Behavioral Medicine Associates, 2009).

Moreover, we were suggested very interesting and important information that “alcohol and drugs cause a series of temporary changes in the brain that produce a High” (Baker, 2004, p. 4). According to the representatives of Behavioral Medicine Associates, “the specific behavior characterizes alcoholism as the consumption of significant quantities of alcohol on repeated occasions” (2009).

It was really a very interesting meeting providing useful information with facts, statistics and data. Alcohol addiction is a problem of the century common for million of people all over the world and it must be solved without postponing.

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