All Center for Education Statistics found that, “Participation

All students should take part in at least one extracurricular activity. Participating in an extracurricular activity would not hurt or harm you. In other words, it can benefit you from making new friends, making contributions towards the school, and having fun. Participating in an extracurricular boosts your reputation and your skills. This can increase your chances and likelihood of being accepted to a great school, or even a job. According to a Graduate Management Admission Council Survey, “More than 150 business schools and 5,641 respondents, researchers discovered that participating in extracurricular activities allowed students to learn life skills that benefit both their professional and academic careers.” It is always great to participate, learn, and try new things. It can either benefit or not help at all, but it’s your choice to choose your own path. In this situation the students who participated in extracurricular activities were able to learn life skills that benefit both their professional and academic careers. Extracurricular activities may make small changes towards your life and your career, but later on they will be useful. Another study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that, “Participation in extracurricular activities have positive correlation with higher SAT (Scholar Aptitude Test) scores. Participation in extracurricular activities increased SAT math by 45 points and SAT verbal scores by 53 points.” Taking part in extracurricular activities shows your dedication towards the school. These activities will help and improve your school in numerous ways. From participating in fundraisers and donating to charity to being part of the school council and clubs this expresses how committed you are towards the school. Furthermore, according to California Music Studios, “The benefits of participating in extracurricular activities include improvement academic performance, foster positive classroom behavior, reduce drug use and criminal behavior, and contribute to to healthy eating and regular exercise.” Participating in just one extracurricular activity looks very convenient and practical. From my past experiences in participating in an extracurricular activity it brings me closer to my classmates and the school. Also, students who join extracurricular activities can meet new friends based on their interests. For example, Michael joins the business program and he meets new student, Aiden. Both are really interested in the business program, so their friendship grows really close and in the future they plan on starting one. As you can see, all students should take part in at least one extracurricular activity. Some students may not have the time, but it is normal because time management is a life skill every human being must acquire. Extracurricular activities can make huge impacts in your life later on. Whether it is participating in a basketball club, or school council you already have experience and knowledge if you want to pursue that career. It is not that difficult to just take some time of your day to participate and join an extracurricular activity.


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