Analysis of Jetstar Airways

History of the company

Jetstar Airways is an Australian air transport company with its headquarters in Melbourne. This low-cost airline was created in order to counteract the competition brought by the Virgin Blue airways to the Qantas. This airline was indented to offer cheap air transport to the Australians.

It is worth noting that jetstar is a subsidiary of the Qantas and faces competition from a several air transport providers in the region. Other airlines associated with Qantas, the mother of jetstar airways include Jetstar Asia Airways, Value Air and Jetstar Pacific Airlines. The major competitors of Jetstar airways are Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways Singapore and the Tiger Airways Australia (Eagleeye, 2011).

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Having been launched by its parent airways provider the Qantas in 2001, Jetstar Airways started offering its services to the Australians on the 25th of May 2004. The company was received well in the market and this motivated it to start offering international services in 2005.

Although the company originated from the Qantas, it should be noted that it has an independent operating system from that of its mother company. The diagramed below gives a summary of Jetstar Airways indicating the type and number of crafts owned by the company in 2001, the number of passengers in each type of craft and their destinations.

Figure 1

Jetstar Airways Fleet
Airbus A320-2004512—177177Australian & New Zealand domestic routes;
Asian and trans-Tasman routes;
Sydney to Nadi
Airbus A321-20069—213213Australian domestic routes;
Asian routes.
Airbus A330-20011238265303International routes.
Boeing 787-8—15[TBA313This type is expected to boost international routes in future.


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