Are today’s teens becoming more sexually active and aware at a younger age than previous generations?

Chapman, J. (2000). Adolescent sex and mass media: a developmental approach. Miami: Herald.

This book has a different approach to adolescent sex. Adolescent sex can be largely blamed on mass media that has been promoting it in one way or the other. In this case, mass media has not controlled the way it airs sexual materials thereby exposing teens. This means that there are no control mechanisms to look at the content that is being aired.

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The author believes that mass media should be at the forefront developing teens but this has been the opposite where they have played a big role in destroying them. As much as the media plays an important role in our society, it will be better if there are enough control measures to develop adolescents well as far as sex is concerned.

Brown, D. (2002). Mass media influences on sexuality. New York: Harper & Row.

Browns’ book offers an insight on the fact that mass media has an influence on sexuality in a broad way and this is in comparison with previous generations. According to him, the previous generation was not exposed a lot to mass media and that is why we had slight cases and instances of teenage sexuality.

In this case, he argues that there should be controls to ensure that teenagers are not exposed to a lot of sexual content that can end up influencing them negatively. Teens should not be restricted to access mass media but there is need for responsibility from the media itself on what should be done.

Ponton, L. (2000). The Sex Lives of Teenagers. New York: Dutton

The author argues that the sex life of teenagers has been changing drastically in recent years because of various reasons. As a matter of fact, he believes that this trend is so alarming that more needs to be done to avert this situation. There are various reasons that can be behind the increase of adolescent sex in our society and this is what needs to be looked at.

This is based on the fact that the number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases has been increasing. The society should rise up to the occasion and guide teens on morality issues for their own good.


Each book has effectively talked about the issue of today’s teens becoming sexually active and aware at a much younger age than the previous generations well. The first book largely blames an increase in the awareness of sex in teens on mass media. In this case, all the blame should be put on mass media because they have made it possible for teens to learn more about sex thereby engaging in it. From the argument, teenagers could not have learned more about sex were it not for mass media.

The second book evaluates the influence of mass media on the present generation in comparison with the previous generations. As much as mass media was in existence before, the content that was aired was not poisoned like what we are having today. For instance, pornographic sites and other advertisements have made teens curious as far as sex is concerned thereby going on to discover more.

As far as the third book is concerned, the rate at which teens are engaging in sex is alarming and there should be efforts to reverse this for the society’s well being. Teens morals should be molded from an early stage and this will not be achieved with such trends.

Most of what has been discussed in these books resonates well with the topic. There are no flows as far as covering the issue of teens becoming sexually active at a younger age is concerned. In this case, there are no ethical lines that have been crossed in trying to explain this issue.

The most important aspect is that both books have acknowledged the fact that teenage sex is on the rise and this is because of various factors and there should be efforts to counter this. All books link this increase in awareness to a number of factors that need to be evaluated.


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