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Around 1880, abortion was practiced all over the United States, which was veryrisky. To save the lives of many women, abortion was banned. The anti-abortionlegislation restricted women to have an abortion, and basically controlled their healthcare. Laws and legislatures, such as the anti-abortion legislature took a heavy toll intheir lives and were ashamed, desperate, and scared. Women of affluence wouldsometimes find a physician or even leave the country to fine someone who wouldperform the procedure for a large amount of money, because they were so desperate.Women who unfortunately not afford were unable to find a physician or anyone toperform the procedure on them. Because abortion was banned, many womenattempted many unsafe methods on themselves, such as inserting objects like coathangers and knitting needles into the vagina and uterus. Also, another attempt wasswallowing strong drugs or chemicals. A large number of women were treated becauseof unsanitary, self-induced abortions, and many lives were lost.There are so many opinions over abortion. People are for abortion becausewomen have fought for their rights for abortion, and many believe women shouldn’t beforced to keep a baby if they don’t want to, some reasons they may not want to, couldbe pregnancy through rape, incest, financial problems, negative impact, problems withfather of baby, and an unstable family life. Choosing abortion is counted as a women’sright that should not be limited. 57% of people believes that abortion should be allowed.Also, professionally performed abortion that is legally done, reduces maternal injury anddeath that could be caused by illegal abortions. Many people believe that women shouldbe able to decide if they want an abortion or not. A very common reason for abortion isthat some women want to delay childbearing because they are too young and will affectdesired plans for the future.As of 2017, 40% of people say abortion should be illegal. Abortion is the removalof a fetus from the uterus. The idea of abortion to non-abortion supporters is justunacceptable and shouldn’t be legal. The killing of an innocent human being is justwrong, even if the baby is unborn. Human life should not be disposable. Many womenprefer to give birth then have the procedure lead to future medical problems for themother. Non-supporters of abortion believe that unborn babies have the right to live andfor religious reasons, it is said that “abortion is the killing of a human being, which defiesthe word of God.” Also, women that have had the procedure done, sometimes regret it,wishing they had their child. People strongly believe that instead of having an abortionof an unwanted baby, is to give birth and put him or her up for adoption, because the 58million fetuses that could have been born, also could’ve been adopted. Choosingabortion for an unborn baby is like killing a baby that has been born, they say. If womenbecome pregnant, they should take the responsibility that comes with producing a child.My personal opinion on abortion is that I support anyone that wants to have anabortion the proper way, but I do have to say that I agree that life shouldn’t be disposed,there are certain things I agree with on the anti-abortion side, but the majority of myagreements is on the abortion side. I support anyone that decides to have an abortionbecause that person could’ve been raped, incest involved, financial problems, etc.Honestly, for me it depends on the situation. If someone were to get pregnant afterbeing raped, then decided to get an abortion, of course I would support them because ifI were her, I wouldn’t want to keep the child. But if someone were to just be “goofing”around with their “partner”, and had unprotected sex, and then unintentionally becamepregnant, then decided they wanted an abortion, I would say that she should’ve thoughtabout their actions, and that there can be consequences to unprotected sex. Also, Iagree that if you do end up pregnant from unprotected sex, then you should take theresponsibility of producing a child if you end up pregnant.