As cerrtain brain mentality damage which might cause

As we all know that if we always focused on the
negative things that happens in our life it might affect certain terms of
ourselves which may lead to cerrtain brain mentality damage which might cause
injury to the body and mind and also lead to alot of dangerous traits such as :
depression which may lead to the person to a state of mind where they can no
longer handle life or handle what is going on in their life or know or giveup
in learning how to improve anything negative that happens to them , it can also
affect a person physically as they think that life isnt treating them in a fair
away they think that they did something wrong.Which also leads most of the
people to think about either harming themselves in a way so they can feel pain
or even just think about suiciding as if they have no purpose in their life.Some
people might also think that everything bad that happens its because of them or
like if a small problem happenss between like their family or friends that
blame themselves and also have that thought in their mind that everyone they
talk to hates the in a way which leads to them thinking of it in a really
negative way due to the lack of their self esteem and lack of knowing how life
works and how rough and stressful it can get sometimes or most of the times as
addition it causes a person to have some serious mental illness which can
actually corrupt your mind and you might enter this type of seizure that you
always think that your are unloved or like born with something wrong in you.all
of this may cause even the lack of self esteem even more because as you
question what you do in life or like set your mind to negative things it might
decrease your confidence level which is the most important thing you can have
or earn in your life because it can make your mind think that you always got
this and that you also can do whatever you wanna achieve in your life if you
set your mind to it that also affects your self esteem in a postive way by a
large amount, But as long as someone keeps and determines to let life affect
their health and state of mind it will get worse and worse by the day.The best
thing in all this is that if you always focused on how life might be positive
in a way only if you set your mind on thinking that everything will get better
as long as you work on yourself and start loving everything about yourself and
never question whatever you do in life and going ahead with your passion and
not letting anyone to stop you from doing what you love to do in life because
you have put that thought in your mind and you are confident enough that one
day you will do that thing as long as you learn how to keep your mind focusing
on the positive things that life can ever afford even if you struggle a bit
there will always be better days and also determining what you wanna do and how
you learn on how to deal with life and work hard your self esteem will highly
increase by every second and by every effort you put to challange yourself
daily.As long as you do you will have this trait that will never die in you,you
will always be ready to challenge yourself everyday as long as you know you
will succed and know that


Sometimes as we know that some families have had some
disorders or some type of addiction or like some disaese running through their
genes.It could’ve caused the family to suffer from pain or like some type of
heart attack or like smoking or drugs addiction which may lead to heart
problems and other types of harmful things happening to your body, like
nowadays alot of kids/children eat alot of junk food as they had a health
history of their family being really obese at a certain age or year of their
life, so as they got used to large amount of food that isnt a bit healthy or
benefits your body in a way it might run in the family as their kids might
start doing the same thing which may lead to obesity and then damages some
parts of their body if they ever overload.For another example some families
have had a type of cancer go from someone to another person not as a way that
its contagious its just something related to your family genes as for example
it happens to alot of people whos grandpa/grandma had a certain type of that
disease that caused any harm to the body it might go to their grandchild as if
they probably had this type of disorder which might affected their heart or
lunges in some type of way that caused the children to die at a really young
age before even the disease getting evolved inside the body.As for another
example young teens may suffering from depression or some type of mental
illness like one of their family member had which leads them to getting
addicted to taking drugs or smoking and maybe they saw their father or mother
doing the same so they thought it would be fine if they do the same or like to
harm themselves in a way because one family member might went through the same
thing they have that thing that doesnt stop them from doing the same.Also as
might families have this type of disease like asthma or such things as their
family members had it in some sort of way so it get transfered through genes.Family
health history might affect our health in a positive away as well it doesnt
always have to be negative like for example one of the family members always
had been fit and always took care of themselves and been healthy and always had
this positive mind due to them loving themselves and taking care of how their
life works their kids might have the same thought on their life as well which
may lead to a positive and successful life and it increases their self esteem
to a high level or maybe they had always been really good at planning diets
which always made their body become more healthy and energized and that they
always had the effort to working harder every single day it all can affect the
children (the younger generation) depending on the traditions,culture and also
genetics that run throught the whole family weither its either your mother’s
side or your father’s side,there is always gonna be something either postive or
negative happening due to your family health history

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ANOREXIA NERVOSA :Its when  a person have a trait set to their mind that
they r either fat so they diet or exercise alot of times


BULEMIA NERVOSA:When a person decides to binge eat or
purge themselves to like satisfy themselves when they are feeling emotionally
stressed and then forcing themselves to vomit everything they ate (TAKING


BINGE EATING DISORDER|;They urge of always eating
acessive food and then feeling and then being unable to even stop themselves
from eating the large amount of food.





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