As Dr. Bill Watt is the athletic director,

As Dr. Bill Watt is the athletic director, he is facing several difficulties. Firstly, Dr. Watt know that the men’s and women’s basketball teams are having falling-off phase which is moving down from Division II to Division III next season. It will be in trouble when the rank of the teams is in leeway.  Secondly, the second difficulty that Dr. Bill Watt encountered is few of the employees in the department have employed by university for more than two years and currently there are seven job openings must be filled, one of them is the position of budget and finance manager of the department. Still, before leaving for another job, the previous budget and finance manager was in the position for only four months. Last issue Dr. Bill Watt facing is the morale in the athletic department was extremely low, and the athletic department was unsuccessful in attempts to turn things around during three-year tenure. Q2. Steps to handle situation facing by Dr. Bill WattAs an athletic director, Dr. Bill Watt can do in several ways. Firstly, he can conduct a training and competition camps to serve a vital and important purpose in terms of supporting and improving athlete performance and development. The camps have been given to the athletes an opportunity to operate in the international context. Trains the skills of teams support staff and provide the feedback and how can athlete coach can support their players through all the valuable and useful workshops specially designed to educate them on the all sports aspects of the athlete’s development including psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, physiology and so on. Through team building activities, most teams can benefit from different team-building games and exercises outside their practices. It encourage teammates to work together to solve a task and problem, accomplish a specific goal, focus on their team cooperation skills and how they implement their sport skills in the team building games. When the job openings need to fill in, the best ways to deal with is using recruitment. Recruitment has been defined as how a department can be searching and obtaining a pool of candidates that have potential in the desired skills, experience and knowledge in the specific field include the finance and budget manager position. As a recommendation, Dr. Bill Watt will required to hire budget and finance manager by using recruitment and selection by opening. How the recruitment process work, it is find the widest pool of applicants in the university that can provide greatest and biggest opportunity to select the best people to have the roles in the university. As a suggestion for Dr. Bill Watt, having an effective and efficient recruitment strategy is important for him to success in the department as an athletic director. He need to ensures the supply that meet demand requirements using marketing and human resources strategy, to increase the potential applicants pool. The ways that he can improves the selection process of applicants that will reach the requirements of the specific position and to have the further investigation. It will impact the likelihood of a candidate that have chance to accept the offer of the job.To solve the morale issues, it is important on how an athletic director told them about the realistic goals, and how they can set their realistic goals. In sport games, every team are willing to win, with big, but that is not enough of goal to build team morale the best ways to improve their teamwork. To be more specific with athletes, as an athletic director, can setting team goals for matters in the team such as number of drills that performed when practice, the number of laps or sprints they can perform. It is important for helping each player privately to claim their goal during season to improve, and regularly check in to see how their goal is being progressed. The athletic should have the knowledge to understand about team responsibility. Sports team must understand that everyone plays in success and failure role are also teams that understand how teamwork and cooperation skills work in their activities. As a suggestion, Dr. Bill Watt should obviously explain how his each team member should be contributed to the win, and how each member abilities that might help to cause mistake. The team should be winning together and loses together without any person to blame. Q3. Factors that influence employee recruitment strategies As we know that, recruitment is a very important element in every human resource management in a company or an organization, it has been governed by lots of factors that influencing recruitment process and human resource professionals will have to understand those factors and take actions if necessary for improvement of their organization. Here’s an excerpt of an article, found in website, shows the importance of an organization should be concerned about the factors that can affects recruitment of their company. There are two types of factors, internal and external factors as follows that have been affects the recruitment process. In detail, each factor will be discussed below.Internal FactorAs the recruitment policy, internal factors as known as the endogenous that the factors are deep inside the company and affects personnel that conducting recruitment in the whole organization. For the internal mechanism, here’s some important element that become a factor of recruitment. i. Scale of the OrganizationThe recruitment process has always affected by the organization’s size in extent of large scale. Professionals recommend organization with large scale has more candidates and higher human resource than smaller scale organization.  Large organizations tend to have less problematic compare with small organizations due to better facilities and staffs to handle the situation. The recruitment handling process is the most aspect for organizations to hiring resources, and it is mandatory to be handling future and more complex operations as well in their company.  ii. Recruiting PolicyA firm’s recruiting policy will affects recruitment process as well. It concerned about the candidates that from outside the organization, where the others would recruit from the sources internally.   In general, a technique for organization is recruited through internal source has been recommended and preferred by professionals. It is because the organization’s employees have their recognition about their company and will have well fit to organization’s culture at the shortest time without any guidance. iii. Image of the Organization An organization or company’s goodwill and image is one of critical factors that will affects their recruitment process. As we know that, we will choose an organization that having a good image and goodwill rather than a bad notorious company with their bad public relation technique and services.  A company that have good image will have a good attraction and lots of candidates that have competent to extent of large scale. A good services and rendering relation with public, will lead company to enhance their reputation and image.    Those companies that having positive and good image and goodwill in market will have more and more chance to attract resources and staffs with competent abilities. Those companies will ability to maintain a good and trustworthy public relations and services will definitively increase reputation and attract possible resources in the market.    External FactorThe environment changes will affects the take place of recruitment policy. External factors have been always obstacles for organization as it can’t control by an organization’s policy it always affected by factors such as public trends and unemployment situations nowadays.Similar with internal factors, there have some factors externally that can severely affects an organization’s recruitment process in the blink of the eyes. i. Demographic FactorsTo be easier to understand, demography has been defined as a study and research of human population by their sex, age, occupation, ethnicity, their religion and so on. It will be profoundly affects and become a main influence on the process of staff recruitment.  As the trends and recognition of human resource management has become more developed and significant and the fact of a man gained a new role and place in his social processes and in the organization’s management database. They will collect their employees and staffs’ characteristics including organizational factors and demographic factors include previous job, that will be influence certain people in the area.  When the interaction of factors of demographic has been presented, for example the qualification of professional, and the employees’ working experience years and his/her age. It perceived onto all employees of the motivation and the satisfaction and consequence by respectively. ii. Labour MarketLabour market is the thing that controls labour’s demand and supply as we learned in economics. For a instance, if the demand of a specific and required skills like sports job is highly increase than normal, the recruitment process of their field will be more efforts like evolving in a faster pace, and the hiring will have more efforts in that time. When demand is lesser than the supply all the time, that mean supply is more in the labour market, hiring will be easier as the recruitment is only-specific field.  iii. Unemployment SituationsIn the real world, it will be not hard to see the situation like unemployment. Unemployment is the one of factor that affects rate of recruitment process. The availability and demand of applicants will be increased as that area’s economy will be either growth or decreased depending the unemployment rate. When a specific organization not creating the jobs newly, there will happened a situation that is oversupply of the labour that qualified which will leads the situation of unemployment and it will be in trouble.  As an example in real life, if an area’s unemployment is high, the recruitment process and resources will be easier and simple, due to high amounts of applicants. Compare with low unemployment rate will results in the organization’s difficulties to hiring anyone because of lack of resources.Q4. Strategic Role of HR ManagementThe human resource management teams and their roles have changed dramatically. They are the main roles for servicing organization and managers. Their job scope has been designed as take caring about environment socially for their organization. There are lots of strategic role of human resource management in the company or organization. Firstly, HR managers are in charge of strengthening and improving the relationship between employer and the employee. They formulate the strategy of workforce and the strategy of determining processes of functional that is necessary to meet their organizational goals. The job scope will have prerequisite of being a HR generalist and must have familiar and have recognition of human resources principle and discipline on how HR worked. Figure 1: A better explanation of how employer and the employee relationship strengthenedSelection and Recruitment of EmployeeHR managers are those one who conduct for hiring services according to the organizations’ recruitment policy.  Selection and recruitment of company’s employee is much of relations between employees as it has been a separation discipline in oneself.  Thus, one of a strategic role of HR managers is to combine the employer’s recruitment and strategy of selection of relations between employees by elements. Employee Training Human resource managers are responsible and in charge for those training to employee and the ways to develop the workshop for the positions in future in the organization. For example, the planning with succession and the policies promotion and evaluate the performance of factors that employee have to reach, HR managers is responsible for these roles as well.  Not least, HR managers are responsible for conducting the development training for employees to motivate them, and improving their retention. Figure 2: Importance of HR managers that highly demand in the marketFor the strategic management of HR, they tend to develop the tactical strategies and plans of human resource management that aligns their company’s strategic direction and the most important aspect, the business strategy. Human resource management will have to provide the told that can conduct these kinds of strategies and the will to control systems when processing. The human resources professional is highly needed and will frequently change the result based on the organizations’ effectiveness. As the HR management has bring the organizations’ huge load shift in the responsibilities and roles of entire HR teams. The human resources professional will have to start to share their goals and objectives with their organizations’ line management team.  They required to lead the initiatives with leading by cross-functional strategic. So the human resources management team will have roles to bring the proposals and tend to take actions and renovate the organization to make it competitive in the market and effective and efficient.Figure 3: How’s the HR job scope in planningThere are lots of strategic role of HR management team. They also forecasting and predicting the development of their company in the future. They have to identify the areas of important and the key areas for their company.  HR management team also have to design by threat analysis that coming from their competitors or from the market. Human resource team will have to protect the known of their organization and the potential for the company’s future by proactively. HR management team also have strategic role to change their organizations’ human resource employees’ job profiles. Lack of focusing of service delivery, HR managers tend to deliver their human resource solutions and think about their entire company broadly about the activities planning, planning of financial and have to be expertise as management changes.Lastly human resource managers have to invest their learning into development of their organizations by strategically. They have to invest the leadership skills to the new generation of employees and managers to beat to compete with another company. HR will have to engage proper selection and talent from both internal employee talent pools and external sources. In conclude, HR management team have a lot of strategic role in the company.Q5. Two Effective Compensation Strategies The compensation strategy can be used in either competitive advantage, or can be as supportive for human resources process and can tends to help them become more effective and efficient and become being the pinnacle on the whole industry.This compensation strategy will has a very strong influence that can be affects the whole human resources managements’ performance, and this will be a boat that become a good vehicle that can be manage their performance, and will have to carefully managed and won’t destroy the whole organizations’ overall performance.Strategy 1 : Recruitment and Compensation StrategyAn effective recruitment and staffing process would not exist without an effective compensation strategy that they are using in their organization. It will be based on excellent human resource marketing policies. The human resource recruiter will able to offer the packages salary of competitive, which they can externally competitive and aligned policies by the fully aligned of the strategy of compensation by internally. The recruitment of the best potential and talent top from market in job would not base on the exceptions from the policy of compensation.The job candidates are mostly be sensitive to salary offered when in the job offer letter and benefits and compensation department should have measure the job offer acceptations failure rate. It will be an important sign of wrongly strategy of compensation an organization have been used, when applicants of job would accept the offer of jobs in organization.Strategy 2 : Motivation, Talent Development and Compensation StrategyNowadays, salaries and bonuses are the main focus and important elements for motivation of the organizations’ staffs and employees. Motivation is not about compensations but compensation should have to support the organizations’ framework of general motivation. The compensation strategy responsible for the job market and have the ability to build up the company attractiveness for the top and potential talents. This is useful for an organization to build up a good connection between staffs and talents. How the compensation strategy provides an organization? It will as known as the talent management processes’ key support that the talents clearly have supported by compensation strategy that conducted by organizations in usual the talents expect higher salary to increase than normal staffs. The compensation strategy will have to allow them to have the limited freedom to do so. Lastly, and the most of the important parts, the top talents manager with successful skills and experience would not survive without adequate and sufficient support from benefits and compensation side.They will feel approach differently, and the organizations’ compensation is strongly useful and important. They can’t live in a longer time on the promises. By contrast they might need to see and watch advances and improvements with real. They expect the same organization and they do deliver. Q6. Minimize legal risks associated with employee selectionTo reduce legal risk and effectively assess candidates, assessing the test validity using the test instruments is critically valid. The test is acceptably considered that if meets three basic criteria. Firstly, the test must validate that the test must be measure for what it says to be measured. Secondly, the test must reliable that that means the results of the test should be repeatable consistently. Reliability is always a problem when interviews, where is not uncommon for interviewers getting different the responses of staffs when asking same questions. It depends on the interviewer’s ability to the probe and how they interpret or affect the setting of the interview. The last one is the test must be relevant to job and specific to job. The tests should be legally defensible and must comply with the relevant of guidelines of the right act.To limit the legal risk, the employers is encouraged to deal with psychologists with reputable, the consulting firms, assessment specialists and obtain the certain key information from tests that have been proposed. The employer should have checking whether the test has caused discrimination charges on employment, or ever been that scrutinized in any investigation.To further minimize legal risk, for employers have to employ and conduct a standardized selection process for each job category and position. All test candidates for the same position and category should take the same assessment or test at the same point when in process of selection.Q7. Three benefits of HR development in an organizationA human resources department defined as a critical and most important component of employee well-being in any organization or business, no matter the scale of organization. Human resource department has responsible for company payroll, benefits, hiring and firing (recruitment and staffing), update the state and federal taxation laws. Here are the benefits of how an HR is in an organization.Helps Evaluate HR PoliciesThe main premise strategic of human resource management is the company’s procedures and policies that related to employees should have fit into organizational plan.By developing these connections between human resource management and strategy have the advantage and skills for helping their organization evaluating current human resource policies and replacing inefficient and out-dated policies whereas can promote a better environment and workplace and maintain a good relationship between employer and employee.Team BuildingA human resource management have also responsible for helping to foster a team spirit sense and camaraderie, creating bond between them. A company’s strategic vision will rely on the input from broad range of stakeholders ideally includes the relationship between managers, customers, employees and investors.  Helps Monitor ProgressWhile the company’s strategic vision influencing evaluation and creation of human resource policies, the reverse of this will true as well. Human resource department can help the organization by monitoring entire progress that toward achieving the stated goals and objectives in their strategic plan. As the human resources has set a monitoring policy as the responsible for the monitoring policy is compliance with the federal and government law. Each country will sets their own rules for monitoring the actions and movements of their employees and the policy is very difficult to implement. The human resources department will face the difficulties of complaining of employees for monitoring the each actions and movements of them.