As helping professions which fall in this category

As the key word states; these are “helping”
professions. Take for example the education system where we have the Teaching
profession, the School Counsellor and Special Education teachers, just to name
a few of the many helping professions which fall in this category of helpers.
Compared to the Social Worker profession which assist individuals to deal with
and find possible solutions to situations and issues of life. It should be
noted that the teaching profession is of great help to all other professions. As
a matter of fact; it is very essential, as it is the profession which gives
rise to all other professions. Teaching practically provides the foundation and
tools necessary to develop other helping professions.

The social worker’s field of work offers similar
help as compared to that of a special education teacher. Both categories of
workers try to address students’ disabilities; which can fall into physical,
mental, intellectual, or emotional. The clinical social worker’s role is to
find what the individuals’ problem is and treat accordingly, whether this
problem is emotional, physical, mental or behavioural. Whereas the teaching
profession mainly caters to the individuals’ academic and social needs; which
may or may not be met due to several factors the social worker’s responsibility
is more critical. The roles and responsibilities of a social worker spread
wider than that of a teacher. It does not just encompass counseling clients,
their families or engaging in group counselling.

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Their roles extend to mediating across
several areas of the health sector where they are required to seek assistance
for their clients in order for them to achieve good health or wellness. There
may be a few cases within the teaching profession which require legal solutions
but the social workers encounters several legal situations which they have to
deal with and must at times attend hearings and present statements on their
clients’ behalf. Teachers are required to conduct research, formulate plans and
policies for themselves, the school and their students’ welfare.

The social workers have a similar task; they
are expected to do ongoing research so as to keep abreast and be knowledgeable
of issues and ways to deal with these. They are required to have in place case
histories of their clients and produce records as deemed necessary. Teachers
must also have portfolios of students, while the school has to keep records on
each student’s academic performance and a file with personal data.

Therefore, social workers are also teachers as
they have to possess teaching skills and devise ways to help their clients
improve their lives.

The main difference between a teacher and a
social worker is that the social worker places more emphasis on the social and
psychological wellbeing of an individual while the teacher’s main emphasis is
on the academic performance of his or her student.


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