Aspects of the Chinese culture as illustrated by Jan Brett, in the book Daisy Comes Home

When the book Daisy Comes Home was written, the targeted audience was the young ones, who would fit well with the characters used in the book. This book talks of a chicken that has been mandated to operate its owner’s hutch. The book brings into light the culture of these people, who are mainly located in the mountainside of the Peoples’ Republic of China (Brett 2).

The reader quickly understands that the story revolves around a chicken that works tirelessly to make sure that it is not slaughtered. In addition, the reader is made aware that these people lived in villages that were located in mountainous region. Moreover, it is illustrated in the book that these people had their houses made of bamboo huts. In almost every chapter, this aspect of bamboo huts is illustrated.

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Another cultural aspect of the Chinese that is illustrated in the book is poultry keeping. Right from chapter one, a chicken character has dominated the entire book. This is a clear illustration that these people are chicken farmers. We find that these people liked chicken to an extent that they had coined names for them. A good example is Daisy, which is a name for a chicken.

From the book, we also learn that the area inhabited by these people has other animals besides chicken. These animals include water buffalo and the red tailed monkeys. This is a further illustration that this area has rivers and is forested. As a result, we can say that these people practiced fishing that comes along with the presence of rivers.

The presence of rivers and forested areas serves as an indicator of agricultural activities going on (Brett 5). This is because, water from the rivers could be used for irrigation and also forested areas are also known for providing suitable climate for agricultural activities to thrive.

These people also were traders. In the book, the author has said that they had village market places that served the entire population in the region. The author argues that the market places served as the center of all businesses throughout the villages and other mushrooming towns in China. He says that the small towns were later to become major trading centers in the whole country.

The artistic nature of the Chinese is also depicted in this book. He points out that the characters in the book used to have basket weaving, and painted pottery. This aspect is also present in the modern day China where some of their products have won international recognition because of their sophisticated beauty. This is a clear illustration that improving on a peoples’ culture can help them realize lots of benefit.

In addition, we find that Jan Brett has attempted to bring into light other cultures of the Chinese when he argues that they developed the art of writing long time ago.

He says that although the book had been written in English, Chinese characters were found on almost every page of his work. This is an indication that these people were proud of their culture because they wanted it appear in others language. Therefore, this book has helped a lot in explaining the culture of these people to the rest of the world.

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