Ayda creates their own campaign.In 2016,Donald Trump runned

Ayda Kulaksizoglu

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December 2017



The Propoganda of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


In every four years,
citizens of United States of America choose their president by presidential
election.Each party
selects one candidate to become the president.This is an 10 month long process
in which the candidates creates their own campaign.In 2016,Donald Trump runned
for president as a Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton runned for
president as Democrat candidate.They both started an election campaign in order
to gain votes from all around of United States.In order to do so,they both
followed similar propagandas such as videos,social media and website..Even
though both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton followed similar propaganda
sources,their use of media and the messages they delivered were
different;Donald Trump focuses on fears and anxieties by blaming specific ethnic
groups,Hillary focuses on reliance and safety.


Trough his campaign,Donald Trump mostly focused
on immigrants and minorities of America .Trump and his followers believe that
immigrants use resources and damage the economy while bringing crime and
violence (Balie) .Even though by saying immigrants he talks about all of the ethnicities,he
spesifically targets Mexicans and Muslims.In his campaign,Donald Trump released
a tv ad which directly targets Muslims in America.In the ad ,first scene is a  shot of Obama and Hillary Clinton.A battleship
launches a cruise missile strike.Images of terrorist attacks are shown in the
border of Mexico and United States.A narrator speaks in the background saying
that Trump will shutdown of muslims entering United States.The narrator
continues to speak by saying Trump will cut off the head ISIS and stop illegal
immigration by building a wall.(Rucker) Firstly,this ad blames muslims for all of
the terror attacks which is one of the main concerns of Americans.By showing
the border of mexico and America,he  blames Mexicans too.As a solution to the
terrosist problems,the video offers to deport all of them.Even though it’s the immigrants
who got blamed mainly,Donald Trump also targets his opponent Hillary Clinton
and former president Barack Obama.It shows that they are aware of the terror
attacks and have done nothing to stop it.In this ad it can be clearly seen that
Donald Trump uses a propaganda in which he offers a explaining to the problems that
worries American citizens by mentioning that these problems have simpler solutions.

The explanation is that other groups which he believes in conspiracy with a
corrupt elite are responsible for the problems of America.He suggests the
solution for the problems is to choose him for president and he find the solution
for the problem by eliminating the groups.



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