Background: 21th century and one will win who



I am working as a product manager in Yama Ramin Media Production and
Technologies Company. At first I hired there as a product coordinator, and now I
am responsible for managing product life cycle, finding new markets for product
and development of products. YRMP is a leading Technology Solutions and Media
Production corporation in Afghanistan with over 20 years of experience
producing more than 5,000 production projects within scope, budget, and timeline.
Our client base includes Government of Afghanistan, United Nations, Goethe-Institute,
USAID, AWCC, MTN, Roshan, international organizations, private enterprises, and
local institutions. We have recently incorporated the YRMP in Canada and
extended our services across North American markets.

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YRMP is a major partner to
several multinational telecom companies, such as Afghan

Wireless, Roshan, Etisalat,
and MTN. Also, YRMP provides various types of content to these telecom
companies in Afghanistan with the NOC # 9212 from ATRA.

YRMP has extended focus in the development of the latest products due
to our stable and paramount knowledge of the telecom industry. This is
demonstrated by our immense concentration in quality and customer satisfaction
within the Afghan telecom industry. Telecom industry in Afghanistan shows our
expertise in the telecom industry.


Description of the problem

At first when I hired, I encountered with a big problem. The problem
was this that our Manager (owner of the company) didn’t want to share complete information
about product, revenue and more other aspects, and from other hand every time
he told us that please bring positive changes in product, find new markets, you
must be strong from competitors etc. I thought that from one side you are not
sharing the fundamental information and from another side you want positive
changes. Sometimes I asked from him that please shares the MIS and other information
with us because it is 21th century and one will win who has huge information,
he was telling me that this information are confidential and I can’t share with


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