Bob of ambition in the life of that

Bob Hicok’s poem revolves around the capabilities and impacts of ambition in the life of an individual and other people. Ambition refers to desire for a specific type of achievement that one needs in life which could be a good reputation, wealth, good job, celebrity and academic success among others. Ambition in life is seemingly full of positive results in accordance with the poem. For instance, the author in his introductory statement shows how ambition is capable of driving one out of his county and lead him to invent ideas that will not only be recognized by the individual’s county but also the world as a whole.    Bob brings in another idea of being driven by one’s ambition in life to become an artist who can literally be able to take on the world and face it boldly. He shows how ambition can equip one with the power to influence the whole world and even end up controlling minds of many individuals in the world. This could just be a result of just simple utterances on one’s tongue which could be very powerful due to the ambitions this person has in life. It is funny how an individual can be able to have influence on the whole world just because of a mere set up of the mind to success.        Hicok further shows the power of ambition in life when he gives a precedent of a mere farmers kid who might own a limo and a main street in his later life not because of good luck in life but because of influence by great stories of an ambitious man which would obviously bring ambition in the life of the young individual. The ambition could also be driven in the individual’s mind by dictator’s dirty jokes, insights to power, presidential hygiene tidbits and money owning.     The relatives of the individual would take him or her as the mere little boy they always thought about the ambitious person but they would be surprised by the impacts and power of ambition in the life of that individual. Ambition is key in leading to a successful life of an individual according to Bob’s poem and it therefore ought to be adopted by any person who would wish to lead a successful life.