Business Issues – Perspectives on small business in Canada


The report on business issues contains the perspectives on small business in Canada. Many Canadian citizens value small business and appreciate what they do daily. This report contains the views of the public on small business as well as the views of the small business owners. It outlines the importance of technology in achieving the vision of small business. This paper provides a critique of the report on perspectives on small business in Canada.


It is true that most Canadians place small business as the most valued institution after farmers. This view is right because small business boost the economy of a country by adding to the economic growth and development. Revenue generated from small business enables the government of a country to provide services to citizens.

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In addition, apart from farming, small business creates employment for majority citizens in Canada and other countries. Besides, I agree with the view that small business is crucial to Canada’s future. With the economic downturn, small business will provide employment opportunities for future graduates (Tal 7). Small business will create jobs that are becoming scarce in the public sector.

Approximately 90% of small businesses in Canada have a computer and internet connection. This information is true given that technology is the order of the day in the contemporary world. Most small businesses believe that, with advancement in technology, it is possible to maximize returns in the firm. Through the internet, it is easier for small businesses to market their products and retain consumers. Thus, small businesses find the need to have at least a computer and internet connection as part of the current technology.

However, I disagree with the poll where a majority of Canadians denied that the school system does not emphasize on entrepreneurship. I believe that the education system is changing with more emphasis on entrepreneurship as a career option.

Schools in Canada are encouraging students to embrace entrepreneurship. With the increasing rate of unemployment, it is becoming difficult for graduates to secure jobs in the market, both in the private and public sector. Entrepreneurship is the way to go for most people and this originates from the school system.

Majority Canadians agree that government undervalues the contributions of small business and entrepreneurs in the country. I disagree with this view because the government is not able to sustain the economy on its own. The input of small business is particularly crucial in the economy and thus, the Canadian government values their contribution. The entrepreneurs provide revenue to the government and create more jobs thus the government cannot do without them.

The information on challenges small business face in the course of running the business was useful. This information enables small businesses to determine areas where they need to take caution. The small business can develop strategies to deal with competition because it is a challenge.

The businesses can also outline strategies to deal with regulations and reduce the tax burden that poses as a challenge to small business. The information on the importance of small business to Canada’s future was also useful. It provides the views of the public regarding the sustenance of these businesses in the future. With this information, it is easy to take necessary measures.

The views about technology on small business were relevant. In the modern business world, technology is a significant component in achieving success in an organization. Technology is advancing at a high rate, and businesses that do not embrace it miss its benefits to competitors. Computers and internet connection are basic technologies that save time and cut costs while promoting innovation.

Thus, the poll results of small business in technology are relevant in the current Canadian business society. Technology will enable small businesses to succeed and improve efficiency in their operations. In addition, the reasons for Canadians not going to business themselves were relevant. These reasons provide an insight to relevant stakeholders on measures they should take to encourage more entrepreneurs in Canada.

I would recommend this report for reading to a small business owner. The report provides useful statistics on improving small businesses in Canada. The report contains the main challenges that small businesses face in the course of operations. Knowing these challenges will enable a small business owner to take relevant measures.

In addition, the report shows the views about technology on small business. With this information, a small business owner learns the benefits of embracing technology and the types of technologies to adopt. The report will also enable a small business owner to know how the public view the small business industry.


The report on perspectives on small business in Canada is useful not only to small business owners but also to the upcoming entrepreneurs. The report provides relevant information about the views of the public and entrepreneurs on small business. It contains useful statistics regarding the opinions from the public and small business owners on different issues concerning small business. The report is a must read for small business owners in Canada.

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