Catalonian they want and the deal Britain takes

Catalonian has been
irresponsible, Corrupt and dishonest towards its own government in Madrid and
same so Madrid has not shown any responsible efforts towards its state in
Barcelona. Failure of State and National Government from both the sides of
National Politicians. Wherein Brexit is concerned and the UK opted-out to leave
the European Union has damaged the global image of the Europe and brought the
Unity down and looking a better deal to gain for their Citizen. During the time
2000 years old rivalry between the UK and Scotland has trigged the political
dispute over their national sovereignty.

No one knows what United
Kingdom will take from the EU but Scotland demands for their freedom from the
UK and second referendum highlighted their strength to remain in the EU:
Scottish National Party1 (SNP) has urged to transfer
power from the British Parliament to the Scotland parliament and Britain’s
frequent refusal has brought the regional conflicts in Scotland.

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Economics and Cultural
difference and democratic national strength has shown the political mainstream
in the Scotland against the House of Lords. First referendum witnessed to be
the part of the UK but strong EU and EEA benefits to bring the economics and growth
in the Country shown the result in the second referendum.  Mostly, Regional conflict is still
unpredictable since the Scotland is still waiting to decide what they want and
the deal Britain takes from the UK:

Independence moments and
confusing Political strategies are bringing the revolutions and it might differ
from the future challenges. Moreover, Spain is already struggling with the
Catalonia’s separation and expecting EU to act against the Scotland and stating
that Scotland do not have negotiation power to get a full membership in the
European Union. Opposition on Scotland’s membership has created on EU to decide
how Scotland would benefit the European Union. Since Scotland relies on the
Brexit deal and The EU would definitely do not wish the UK to make cherry
picking and facts and figures are discussing with Britain over the Citizen
rights before it moves to the trade policies.

Spanish Prime Minister
Mr. Rajoy’s opposition over potential membership for Scotland2 and Scottish referendum is
putting a great political pressure on the Nation which may have a tough results
in the future. But there has to be a proper solution to overcome such

Financial Literacy in
Ireland, England and Scotland has common connection while policy processing there
are also concern in Westminster where the UK and Scotland has their own
parliament and Wales and Northern Ireland has assemblies to promote and develop
educational/financial policies etc.  

Further Continue to
Highlight the another regional conflict of Flanders in Belgium and Belgian
Prime Minister Charles Michael has expressed his views that Brexit would affect
Flemish companies and break the united Europe and there shouldn’t be any
referendum in the beginning. But there is an internal regional conflicts in
Belgium which needs to be taken care. Belgium has world’s unique political
system with German, French, Dutch communities with their culture and language

Economics and political
strength of the parliaments in Belgium and their broad social and foreign
policies. Flemish minister-President Geert Bourgeois has concerned after the
Brexit that it might weaken the UK, The EU and Flanders but how would it
resolved the internal conflicts where they fear that French-speakers might
overrule their Dutch Identity.

Belgium being a federal
state which consist regions and communities. The regional conflicts between
Flemish and Walloons has more prominent concern of Belgium’s political
leadership. Where Flemish strive more Cultural autonomy and Walloons strive
more economic autonomy with an overall concept based on Belgium’s Political
power on Community and regions. The difference between Flemish and Walloons has
been broadly highlighted. Wherein Flemish economics and financial transfer to
Walloons and National/Regional moments of Walloons has created a conflict in
Belgium’s political system. Language and Cultural barrier has brought the Major
conflict in between two regions to protect their sovereignty.

Another example that
Walloons has not only build a conflicts between the Flanders and they are also
causing a problems for the European Union by opposing CETA3 a free trade deal with
Canada which is in the benefit of all member states. Regional conflict of
Walloon has also shown the previous past of community barriers of abuses and

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blocking Europe’s free trade deal with Canada.


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