Chapter Aureliano Buendía), is mysterious and introverted. The

Chapter 1: The book One Hundred Years of Solitude starts off with Colonel Aureliano Buendía having a flashback back to a time period just after the founding of Macondo, a fictional town. He recollects a group of travellers often travelling to the town, bringing technological miracles with them. The leader of the travellers, a man named Melquíades, provides the founder of the town, an inquisitive man named José Arcadio Buendía with supplies. Using these supplies, José delves into the study of science, forgetting even his own family members. Eventually, he begins exploring alchemy, as a result of prompting from Melquíades. Over time, José becomes antisocial, absorbed with his pursuit of knowledge. However, he is not a scientist, but instead a leader, one that oversaw the founding of a town. After some time, his interests shift towards creating contact with the outside world. José conducts a journey towards the north, but, quickly decides that Macondo is surrounded by water. As a result of this, he plans to move the town to a more accessible location, but is stopped by his wife, who adamantly refuses to move with him. Her rejection of his proposal opens his eyes, bringing his attention back to his family. One of his sons, José Arcadio has inherited his strength, while the other, Aureliano (who would later come to be known as Colonel Aureliano Buendía), is mysterious and introverted. The next time the travellers return, they inform José that Melquíades is dead. Though saddened, his fascination with technological marvels persists, shown through his declaration of ice being the greatest invention in the world. Chapter 2: The second chapter moves further back in time. The story now follows the two cousins, José Arcadio Buendía, and Úrsula Iguarán, who are born in a small village. Úrsula is afraid to continue their marriage, as she has heard that children born as a result of incest have dreadful genetic weaknesses. As time passes after her marriage, Ursula persistently refuses to have sex, fearing the genetic deformity of his child. This causes the villagers to mock Ursula’s cousin, José Arcadio Buendía. Finally, when his rival, Prudencio Aguilar, suggests that Jose is impotent, he ends up killing him. However, as a result of this, José begins to feel haunted by the ghost of Aguilar, eventually forcing him to leave the village. After a long time spent wandering aimlessly, he establishes the village of Macondo, with Ursula. We now skip to the present, where the sight of ice reminds José Arcadio Buendía of his dream of Macondo as a town built out of walls made of mirrors, which he interprets to mean ice. He delves into scientific study once again, accompanied by his son Aureliano. In the meantime, Jose’s older son, José Arcadio falls in love with a local woman, Pilar Ternera, eventually impregnating her. However, before his child can be born, he meets a young traveller girl and falls in love with her. When the travellers leave Macondo, José Arcadio joins them. Miserable at the loss of her eldest son, Úrsula decides to follow the travellers, leaving behind her newborn girl, Amaranta. After a five month journey, Úrsula returns to Macondo, having discovered the two-day long journey through the swamp that connects Macondo with civilization.Chapter 3: As a result of Úrsula discovering a route that connects Macondo to the rest of civilization, the village begins to expand, growing along with the Buendía family. José Arcadio Buendía plays a key role in the expansion of the village and his family. Meanwhile,  Pilar Ternera gives birth to the son of José Arcadio, who is still missing, eventually naming him Arcadio. In addition to Arcadio, an orphan girl named Rebeca, who appeared under mysterious circumstances, also joins her family. However, despite this, the Buendías decide to raise her as one of their own children, starting off by ridding of her potentially lethal habits of eating dirt and whitewash. It soon becomes clear that Rebeca is affected by Insomnia, which causes her to have memory loss. This causes the entire town to eventually become infected by the same two diseases. In order to jog their memory, the townsfolk decide to put signs on everything. However, they begin to fear the day that the signs will become irrelevant, as the residents of Macondo will eventually have forgotten how to read. However, to the relief of the villagers, the insomnia is cured when Melquíades suddenly returns, bringing an antidote with him. Seeming to have come back from the dead, he brings another technological marvel, the daguerreotype. This inspires José Arcadio Buendía to attempt to make a daguerreotype of God in order to prove his existence. Over time, Aureliano, José Arcadio Buendía’s second son, has become a master silversmith. He spends his time in the laboratory he shares with Melquíades, both of them absorbed with their quest for scientific discovery. Now an adult, Aureliano remains introverted, seeming to lack interest in women. As the family and village progress, Ursula decides to expand the Buendía house. However, when the town magistrate, Don Apolinar Moscote, attempts to control the color their house, José Arcadio Buendía drives him out of the town. When Moscote returns, accompanied by several soldiers, Buendía forces him to give up his command over the village. However, despite his father obvious resentment towards Moscote, Aureliano falls in love with his youngest daughter, Remedios Moscote.Chapter 4: Lonely and dejected, Aureliano sleeps with Pilar Ternera, who decides to assist him in his goal of marrying Remedios. While Aureliano is languishing over his love for Remedios, Amaranta and Rebeca fall in love with a stranger named Pietro Crespi. Rebecca, incredibly lovesick, goes back to her old habit of eating dirt and whitewash. Eventually, Crespi decides he wants to marry her. The marriage of the two, along with the marriage of Aureliano to Remedios are arranged. However, Amaranta, jealous of Rebeca, swears to stop her marriage. Meanwhile,  Melquíades slowly passes away, becoming the first person to die in Macondo. Once the Buendia family is done grieving, a facade of happiness returns to the house. Pietro Crespi and Rebeca are in love, while Aureliano’s love for his future bride, Remedios, is also growing. Even the news that Pilar Ternera is pregnant with his child cannot dampen his spirits. However, this happiness does not last, as Amaranta’s threat to prevent Rebeca’s wedding greatly unsettles her. José Arcadio Buendía, shattered by his never ending quest of science, falls into insanity. He has visions of the man once killed, haunted by the loneliness of death. As his insanity worsens, he begins to tear up the house. Eventually, a group of twenty men to drag him outside and tie him to a tree in the backyard. He remains there for several years, until his death. Chapter 5:Shortly after Remedios hits puberty, she is married to Aureliano. However, Rebeca’s wedding, which was set to take take place at the same time, is postponed, because Pietro Crespi is called away by an urgent letter, saying that his mother is ill. This letter turns out to be a fake, and Amaranta comes under scrutiny, suspected of forging it in order to delay the marriage. However, Remedios lightens the mood in the Buendía household, deciding to raise Aureliano son, who was born to Pilar Ternera, as her own child, naming him Aureliano José. To everyone’s surprise and dismay, Remedios suddenly dies due to an internal ailment. This causes the residents of the house to once again mourn someone’s death. This period of mourning proves to be yet another blockade for Rebeca and Pietro Crespi, who cannot be married while the residents of the Buendía household are mourning. Another blockade is the exceedingly long time it takes to build the first church in Macondo. To everyone’s surprise, the priest who is building the church discovers that José Arcadio Buendía’s apparent madness is not as serious as everyone believes it to be. The nonsense he constantly rambles is not nonsense at all, but pure Latin. The period of mourning is quickly brought to an end by the return of José Arcadio, the oldest son of José Arcadio Buendía. He has changed a lot, and is now impulsive and rude. Despite the fact that she is engaged to Pietro Crespi, Rebeca is appalled by José Arcadio’s strength, resulting in the two beginning an affair. This affair eventually ends in marriage, resulting in them being exiled from the house by Ursula. Now that Rebeca is out of the picture, feelings of love begin to develop between Crespi and Amaranta. Meanwhile, Aureliano, who had secluded himself from the rest of the world after the death of Remedios, soon reemerges due  to an important issue: the impending war between the Conservative government and the rebellious Liberals. Dismayed by the corruption of the Conservatives, Aureliano decides to ally himself with the Liberals. When war breaks out and Macondo occupied by the Conservative army, Aureliano leads young men in a rebellion, eventually succeeded in regaining control of the town for the Liberals. After joining the army, he eventually comes to be known as Colonel Aureliano Buendía. Over time, he becomes the leader of the Liberal army.Chapter 6: Colonel Aureliano Buendía leaves Macondo with his quickly assembled troops and joins the national civil war effort, conceiving 17 children across the country, over time. He leaves Arcadio, the son of José Arcadio and Pilar Ternera, in charge of Macondo while he is gone. However, Arcadio becomes a dictator, obsessed with order, using cruelty to enforce it. When he attempts to sleep with Pilar Ternera, his own mother, he is instead met with a woman named Santa Sofía de la Piedad. He marries her, and she gives birth to three children Remedios the Beauty, Aureliano Segundo, and José Arcadio Segundo. Some time later, the Liberals lose the war, causing Macondo to once again be reoccupied by Conservatives. As a result of this Arcadio is killed by a firing squad. While the war and Arcadio’s dictatorship continues, Pietro Crespi proposes to Amaranta. However, she rejects him, despite her feelings. This causes him to commit suicide. Ashamed, Amaranta burns her hand, covering it with the black bandage that she vows to wear for the rest of her life.