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Price Water House Coopers

Price Water House Coopers (PWC) LLP is a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers international where all the members exist as an independent unit. The company’s website on the World Wide Web is and it is very reliable. PwC is one of the most renowned companies that offer consultancy services regarding taxes, business, and assurance.

The company boasts of over 150 branches globally. The main objective of the company is to provide assistance to other organizations and private corporate entities that is necessary in adding value and risk administration to increase the productivity of the same organizations.

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It is good to learn about the organization because it helps individuals, businesses, and community in economic matters. The organization is very active in helping the society. This is done in partnership with international organizations such as the Refugee agency.

Among the projects that have been undertaken by PwC include rural electrification programs and building schools for the marginalized communities. PwC employees contribute their skills and time to non governmental organizations in support of programs aimed at solving problems encountered in arid and semi-arid areas such as Dadaab refugee camp.

PwC has a program that’s called Early International Challenge that’s open to its members globally. The aim of this program is to provide an opportunity for employees to work abroad and experience the diverse cultures which will assist in improving their performance. The organization is very committed in giving women an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and ideas towards the growth of the organization.

Fifty percent of the organization’s global manpower is reserved for women. The organization aims to bring more skilled women on board and to confirm its commitment a global gender advisory council.PwC plays an important role in preserving the environment. It strongly recommends its members and clients globally to avoid polluting the environment be dumping toxic waste which can impact negatively on global warming.

Northwestern Mutual

The company’s web address is The website is very pleasant to the eyes and the utilities are very easy to navigate. The web content is written in a layman’s language.

The organization provides professional services in the insurance sector and also advices its clients on matters relating to making successful investments. The company website has virtual office assistants who are responsible for responding to customer enquiries.

Northwestern mutual has top of the insurance products and they include life insurance, disability cover, and long-term care cover. The products are not limited to insurance cover only but they also include personal finance management services and investment products such as mutual funds, shares, bonds, and treasury bills and comprehensive financial advisory among others. The products and services have been tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers. For instance life insurance products have been categorized into various classes depending on the target market.

The company is a good learning experience because the step by step financial guidance provides useful tips on how to save for the future. It explains how to plan for the challenges that start from starting a family to saving for the education of children and also for retirement.

Northwestern mutual provides a window of opportunity for its employees to advance their careers while at the same time creating evenness between family and work. The organization has a virtual library center where clients can access their forms and make necessary amendments and then submit these forms to their corresponding address. This is very helpful because it helps to save money and time that would have been spent to travel to the company’s offices.

The website also contains a learning center that is used for research by advocates and business executives. For clients to access these resources it’s mandatory to have a user name and a password. Customers can also check the status of their accounts through the paperless transactions system that avails account details in electronic form only.

Target is an online shopping mall based in the United States. It has a wide range of products. The company aims at providing a wide variety of items for everyone in the market at subsidized prices. Target stores are virtual stores that include pharmacies, mobile dealers, photo studios and adverts. has all types of merchandise that include toys, beauty products, home appliances like fridges and microwaves, furniture, movies, and clothes to name but just a few. The site has a program that tracks all customer orders to the time the item is shipped to the customers address.

The site is helpful because it depicts a classic electronic commerce business model with customer focus. Customers are guaranteed about their safety while purchasing items on This has been enhanced by the installation of a program that informs the customers about items that have been returned due to lack of verification about their safety.

The items are then confined to prevent customers from repurchasing these items. For an item to be returned it must be in good shape and condition. Customers who refer others to shop at benefit from the attractive commissions they are awarded for promoting the site. gives its customers the freedom to cancel orders as they wish and also merge their orders into one shipment which helps in cutting down on shipment fee. Target is very concerned with supporting education.

That is why red cards were installed to allow shoppers to make monetary donations to their favorite schools. For every shopper who purchases an item using the red card, five percent of the full cost of his/her shopping is donated to schools and people with special needs.


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