Comparing and Contrasting Two Student Groups: Goth Women and Jock Guys

In the course of years, more and more students tend to express themselves with their appearance. So far, there were few students groups who dress and look differently and they were similarly accepted by other groups.

Nowadays, the situation has changed and one can notice a great diversity of students who want to reflect their attitude to life through what they wear and how they look like. Nevertheless, appearance should not influence the overall social acceptance.

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Teachers and ordinary students should not judge other groups on their style and clothes, but on their intellectual level, knowledge, and skills. Goth women and Jock Guys are greatly distinguished by appearances, communication, and academics. Despite the differences in looking and outlooks, these two groups have much in common.

Unlike Goth students, Jocks are not distinguished by their bright appearance and make-up. To be more exact, they look too ordinary and old-fashioned, being obsessed with science, and other academic disciplines. Traditionally, they wear glasses, ties, and jackets to look smart. In contrast, Goth women prefer black colors and eccentric make-up; they have great amount of leather wearing.

Hair dyed in black, macabre jewelry made of silver, some religious accessories – all these things are inherent attributes of gothic fashion. However, dark appearance should not be skeptically perceived by teachers because it has nothing in common with an academic process.

The exaggerated obsession with an academic process makes Jock Guys detached from an ordinary student life comparing to Goth women. Hence, teachers are more focused on their achievements and research results, but not on their personality. This is why this group of students is more likely to conceal their emotions and feelings; they are reluctant to talk about something other than learning.

Similar things can be noticed while talking to Goth students as teachers are subconsciously attached to their dark appearance rather than to what they think or what they want to say. In fact, Gothic style does not influence students’ intellectual level. On the contrary, they can turn out to be even more talented than ordinary students.

It is not a surprise that Goth girls have difficulties in communicating with teachers and other groups of students. Similarly, Jock Guys are also skeptically accepted by students who prefer parties and mixing up with friends to learning. Perhaps, this is one of the common things present between those groups. For example, they are not good at communicating and prefer to stay aside from.

This is why teachers often have troubles at establishing contact with those students as well. Both Goth girls and Jock Guys are introverts in nature; they are more obsessed with their inner feelings, goals, and intensions and, therefore, reluctance of other students to realize that makes them more reserved and aloof.

Thought the groups under consideration differ much, they have much in common in terms of appearance, communication, and academics. What is more, they are sometimes wrongly accepted by teachers who treat them as their stereotypes dictate to do that. In this regard, outlooks, life position, behavior, and appearance should not affect communication between teachers and students.

No matter how people look and how they express themselves, they should be equally treated and perceived. Besides, though Goth women and Jock Guys refer to different social groups, they have still much in common in terms of their problems with communication with the majority of ordinary students.


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