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Programming for Pierce Lawn Service


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Computer and Software for Company

          Pierce Lawn Service is a local lawn
service providing lawn maintenance for twenty residential homes and three
businesses.  Pierce Lawn Service is for secondary
income for the Pierce family.  This
company will be using a HP laptop with Windows. 
The software needed to enable this successful business is Microsoft
Word, Microsoft Excel, and Quickbooks.  A
wireless mouse and HP Office Jet printer with fax, scan, and copy capabilities
will be added.  QuickBooks Pro will be
used to track income and expenses, maximize tax deductions, invoice and accept
payments, send estimates, manage expenses and scheduling.  Clients will be billed on a monthly basis
with invoices including but not limited to name of employee, date of service,
additional services requested during visit and any pertinent information for
the client.  Microsoft Word and Excel
will be used to document or track any information the company needs not
documented in QuickBooks.  All HP
products will be preferred for use. 
Approximately $1,200 will be spent to start up the company computer
services.  The main HP laptop that will
be purchased will be an HP Pavilion Core i7 – 12GB RAM- 1 TB HDD which will be
ample storage.  If unexpectedly, more
storage is needed there are a few different ways that storage can be added.  Limited storage space can be provided for free
with SkyDrive. We can purchase an online program such as Drop Box, Free Drive,
Mozy, Carbonite, and CrashPlan. A flash drive could also be used to download
information and remove it from computer storage to free space on the computer
hard drive.  The future of technology is
somewhat of the unknown with technology changing daily.  The system would need to be reevaluated in
five years to see if the system could sufficiently continue to run the

Precautionary Steps Prior to Shutting
Down a Computer

          Computers are not like most electrical
appliances.  They shouldn’t be turned off
by pressing the same button that was pressed to turn it on.  By doing that you could lose data or cause
damage.   In order to shut down a computer you should
start by clicking the windows button on the left bottom of your screen, shut
down option will appear.  If there are
any programs that are still running or open documents, you will get a message
with the option to cancel the shutdown. 
You can either cancel the shut down and individually close the programs,
or you can click the force shut down option that will automatically close the
programs and shut down the computer.  You
should not shut your computer down while Windows is still running.  Any files that Windows may be processing could
have incomplete or corrupt data since it was not properly finished writing.  Hard disk damage could also occur.  You may not notice right away that you have
damaged any of your computer.  There will
eventually be a day you find that one of your important programs no longer work
because an important file is corrupted.  
There may also be a time that that Windows will no longer boot, because
the registry has become corrupt or the hard disk has to be replaced because of
so much damage.

Process for Working on a Public

          If you are using a public computer,
you need to be extremely careful when you are working and when you are finished
and leaving the computer.  You should
never save your log in or any password to any site while using a public
computer.  Erase your tracks, you can use
InPrivate browsing that leaves no trace of specific web activity.  Be aware of any “snoopers” that could be
watching over your shoulder.  Delete the
computer history.   Always properly log off of any public computer
by shutting any program you have used down and turning the computer off as
discussed in the previous paragraph. 
Unfortunately, there is sophisticated software that can be installed
that records anything you have done while using the computer.  Always have a mindful eye of your
surroundings; it is better to be safe than sorry. 


Basic Windows Elements

          Windows has many elements that are available.  Numerous icons will appear on your
desktop.  These are including, but not
limited to, recycle bin, created folders, and any software you have downloaded.  Folders can be used to save specific
documents, pictures, etc.  Recycle bin
will hold information that you have trashed; it’s like your trash can at
home.  Gadgets can also be found on your
desktop by right-clicking the desktop and clicking gadgets. Examples of gadgets
you may use are the clock and calendar (Hogan & Rutledge, 2013).  You can view the clock for the time and click
the calendar to check specific dates.  The
task bar contains the start button, icons, and a notification area. The start
button is used to open and close the start menu.  Icons will not have the name of the program,
just the symbol. You can use these as a quick way to open the programs.  The notification area has tools such as
battery life, Wi-Fi connection, and speaker sound. You will click these when
checking connection, sound volume, and remaining battery life (Hogan &
Rutledge, 2013).  The start menu is the
doorway to your computer while dialog boxes let you navigate to files.

Adjusting Display Settings

          You can personalize your computer by
choosing your screen saver and background colors. This is accomplished by right-clicking
any part of the desktop. The control panel will appear, click personalize.  Here you will be given the option to pick
desktop icons, mouse pointers, account picture, desktop background, window
color, sounds, and screen saver. You will simply click the display setting you
want to change.  Numerous choices will
then appear for you to choose from including, but not limited to, colors,
pictures, different contrast, ways to arrange your desktop icons, and different
mouse pointer symbols.  You then click the
display you choose and save it to the desktop. 
You can also change the date and time from the control panel.  Printer options are available for you to
choose and connect to your printer from this location.



































































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