Control of noise and radon gas levels

Noise refers to elevated sound levels that end up being unbearable and uncomfortable to all those in the vicinity of such noise sources. Examples of noise sources include nightclubs, airports, highways, industries, among others (Health, 2002). Noise pollution has various adverse health effects to humans and even animals with almost all of these effects being aggravated gradually.

Radon is a gas that is simply ignored most of the times and is imperceptible, odorless and tasteless. Cases have been reported of people living in a radon-infested residence for a lifetime minus noticing it. The gas is as a result of decomposition of uranium in the soil.

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Health effects of noise

The most pronounced consequence of exposure to elevated noise levels is hearing loss. Such sound magnitudes form a basis for strain to the cochlea arrangement in the inner ear, and this leads to irreparable hearing loss. A highly loud noise in a given regularity range can harm the cochlea’s hair cells that act in response to that range consequently lowering the ear’s capability to take notice of such occurrences in times to come. Nevertheless, loud sounds in any given regularity range bears harmful consequences across the whole range of individual hearing.

Exposure to noise leads to cardiovascular complications. Studies show that arteries constrict and thus blood flow is affected negatively within the body. The effect of this is high blood pressure as a result of the heart being overworked. Irritation from the noise results in high adrenaline levels which lead to constriction of blood vessels (Health, 2002). Alongside cardiovascular complications come headaches, exhaustion and stomach sores.

Pregnancy complications are high in populaces exposed to elevated sounds. Most of the babies here are born with low birth-weights which are unhealthy. Fetuses are able to detect such noises and act in response to them by uncomfortable movements that result in premature births.

There are other effects like sleep interruption, immune system alteration, lowered sexual performance, premature ejaculation and trigger of unsociable conduct.

Nightclub noise control

One of the most effective ways of reducing noise from entertainment joints is to put up a second wall exterior that is detached from the original, which offers sound waves room in which to disintegrate instead of moving all the way through the wall.

Interior walls and ceilings of such establishments need to be treated to trap overload echoes. These need to be lined with foam panels.

Radiation and health risks of radon gas

Exposure to radon gas poses severe health complications and the most pronounced is as a result of the radiation resulting from it. Such radiation is of higher levels as compared to hospital x-rays. The radiation induces lung cancer and is the second highest causer of this form of cancer after smoking.

Corrective measures to reduce radon levels in homes

The first step that needs to be carried out is to test for the presence of this gas in a residential area. Once this gas has been detected then various methods can be employed to tone down its levels (Health, 2002).

Mitigation is the term used for this practice and soil suction can be used to draw the gas from underneath the house and expel it all the way through conduits.

House pressurization is another method and it involves employing a fan(s) to form pressure disparities which help bar radon from going into the house.

Cracks and other floor openings need to be sealed to restrict the gas’ flow into the house. This measure is complimentary to the others.


Prevention is usually the best measure to keeping at bay the health risks associated with noise pollution and exposure to radiation. The setting up of noisy establishments needs to take into consideration those living nearby and put in place appropriate measures to avoid harm (Health, 2002). Harmful radiation emitting materials need to be treated with care all the time with people not being allowed to settle in areas where they are mined or treated.

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