Dallas symphony orchestra teen concert


Music is described by certain musical legends in different ways. Good music lightens a person’s mood and it enhances the mind. An artist’s is able to connect better with his/her fans through live performance on stage than through the stereo. The rhythm and tempo are some of the factors that make a live performance great.

This essay will focus on the first annual Dallas symphony orchestra teen concert. The essay will attempt to analyze the concert and the general performances. Furthermore the effect of the concert on the audience will also be considered. The concert had maestros like, Jaap van Zweden, Dong Yeon and the Dallas symphony orchestra performing live.

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The Morton Meyerson symphony center is the venue of the concert. The space, lights, musical instrument and the mood around the center gives it a new look. The performers also appear to be relaxed and are in high spirit.

Description of the music

In order to describe the musical performance of the night objectively, it is important to take a close look at classical music as a genre of music. Prior to this concert, I have been a pop, hip-pop and reggae fan. These genres of music are usually lively and are mostly enjoyed by the youths. Classical music on the other hand is more gentle and matured. This is a fact I did not know until I attended this concert.

Coming to this concert has expanded my knowledge of classical music. Also, apart from the fact that I enjoyed the rhythm, I also got the privilege to know more classical artists like Dave Kos and Yanni. While in the concert, I noticed for the first time that music could actually connect with an individual regardless of his/her age, nation or race. The melody of classical music is totally different from other genres of music and its tempo is cool, smooth and compassionate.

The power and significance of instrumentation in classical music con not be over emphasized. The Dallas symphony orchestra performed Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s melodies. Tchaikovsky was a Russian who lived between 1840 and 1893. While growing up he had encountered tough and unpleasant times.

This later influenced his music a lot. This fact made Tchaikovsky’s rhythm very emotional. The Meyerson which is the venue of the concert looks impeccable. The lights are dimly lit and the audience is very quiet thus making it very easy to connect with the melody of the music.

Reactions to the music

I am still amazed at myself for the way I reacted during the course of the performance by the Dallas symphony orchestra. Been a fan of Hip hop and pop music, I never imagined myself to react the way I did. Unlike Hip hop and pop music which are energetic, classical music steers the soul. There is a smooth rhythm between the audience, the artist and even the venue of the concert. I came here in high spirits thinking this was going to be another energetic concert where there is usually a lot of youthful exuberance.

But contrary to my thoughts, it is totally different and the way I feel is inexplicable. I must confess that I have never been this moved in a concert. I felt strongly connected to the rhythm of the music and I was moved to the point of tears. I can not exactly tell if I like or dislike classical music as a genre of music.

However, I would say I feel something stronger than mere likeness. But it is my first time and I would rather not be fast with assertions. Classical music is not the usual everyday kind of energetic music I listen to. My emotional reaction to classical music is as a result of its dazzling rhythm. It differs totally from what I usually listen to.

The performance in general is very important when trying to analyze how a musical concert went. The performance of the artists here tonight is very gentle and it is totally unique. There were times when the tempo accelerated a little bit. All the pieces of the entire performance were wonderful. I tried as much as possible to relax and enjoy them all. However, my mood changed a while during the course of the concert and this is because it was my first time in such a concert. ss

Regarding the variety, I would say I found the concert more of less the same. The tempo of the performance accelerated during certain performances but it was basically the same rhythm and flow. As for now, it is my first time in such a concert so I cannot satisfactorily rate the performances. Basically, I can say I enjoyed myself all through the performance and I will be able to rate better when I have attended more of such concerts. (Kamer, Filharmonie. “Annual DSO teen concert” www.dallassymphony.com)


The entire concert was splendid. The performances, the artists, the relaxed audience and the wonderful venue all contributed in no small measure to make the concert a success. It is my first time but I will definitely attend more of such concerts. The composure of the audience also helped me flow with the music. This is definitely one of my best nights out and all thanks to Dong yeon Kim, Jaap Van Zweden and the Dallas Symphony orchestra.

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