Defining Friendship


Human beings are social animals that depend on each other to live. Whatever thing man needs can only be gotten from another human being. That is the reason why we are constantly reminded that no man is an island. This means that man needs his fellow human beings in order to live a comfortable life. Although this is the case, there is the need for people to have a group of close associates whom they can identify with.

In most cases, this small group of friends is responsible for shaping our lives and destiny. The association that exists between friends is the most magnificent connection that one can ever have. Ideally, an ally is somebody who proffers adoration and respect and can not in any way be disloyal to us.

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One thing that defines true friends from casual acquaintances is that while true friends are always there, acquaintances are only temporal. True friends are people who have seen you during your weakest moments but they still stick by you. In addition, these people have seen you make many silly mistakes but they nonetheless accept you unconditionally. In my life, I have had the privilege of having such kind of friends.

These two girls, Shannon and Stacie have been my close friends since my elementary days and this has continued to date. These two girls have seen me cranky and slumber tousled, without any make up, in scruffy clothes- all the things that I have to wear when I need to face the world and yet they have managed to stay in my life and like me as I am. To me, these two are examples of a perfect friendship.

Another quality of a good friendship can be exemplified in a boyfriend and a girlfriend desire to be together. The two love each other so much, such that they want to spend each waking moment of their life together. True friends also possess this kind of desire among themselves.

Just as in the case between a girlfriend and a boyfriend, true friends avoid situations that might bring up conflicts between them. They also desist from jesting each other, but instead treat each other with deference. This is the same devotion that my friends and I have toward each other. One thing that I have realized is that together we make a strong force that can withstand any kind of pressure.

Another thing that best defines friends is the sacrifices that they are willing to make for each other. Good friends have been known to compromise their safety for the sake of a friend. An example of this true friendship can be found in the bible, regarding the story of Jonathan and David.

Jonathan risked losing his life by revealing the plan that the king had plotted against David. By warning him, Jonathan was not only risking the wrath of his father but was also risking losing being the heir to the throne in favor of David. However, all these things came second to his friendship with David. This clearly defines the sense and duty of a true friend.


Friendship can mean different things to different people. However, of importance is to realize that there are different types of friends. There are the true friends who are always there for you and then there are convenient friends who are only present when they need your help.

The true friends are those who stand by you in both the good and the bad times. This group of friends accepts your mistakes and accepts you regardless of your condition. These people see the bright side of your life and encourage you to become more than what you are. In short, they are people who are willing to help you realize your potential in life.


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