Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors

To provide a successful entertainment party for 500 medical doctors, it is very important to consider a number of steps: to choose an appropriate convention center, to evaluate the building and think about proper lighting and decorations, to understand how it is better to locate tables, and to occupy the guests with interesting and funny activities.

Considering the fact that it is a cocktail party where guest will not be seated, no speakers are invited, and icebreaker reception is required, it is necessary to pay more attention to available event space and design concept.

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The Grand Prospect Hall, to be more precise the Grand View Ballroom, is the chosen convention center. It is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn (The Grand Prospect Hall, 2007) and is considered to be one of the most amazing historical places in New York. Cocktail parties are available for more than 500 people (Cvent Supplier Network, 2010) so that each guest may enjoy the offered comfort and beauty.

The size of the hall provides planners with numerous opportunities to develop any kind of entertainment and invite some famous singers or musicians. Such idea meets the requirement set – all guest will mingle and certainly feel relax. There is no need to organize some thematic party and oblige guests to dress themselves accordingly.

Now, more attention should be paid to the design concept for the chosen event. Subdued light is a successful decision to be made because guest may relax, be unnoticeable if necessary, and choose any attitude. As all guests do not have an opportunity to seat, it is necessary to have an empty space in the middle of the room: cocktail tables should be located around the whole room, and some space should be provided between the tables so that the guests are free to stand there and enjoy the time spent.

In spite of the fact that there are no places for sitting, it is crucially important to consider some space with chairs in case some guests will be in need to sit and relax. It is also necessary to take into consideration the tables for empty glasses and plates.

It is an entertainment party, so, it is possible to make use of funny posters or even helium balloons may be appropriate. It is necessary to consider the fact that these balloons should not prevent appropriate illumination of the room. Another considerable part of entertaining program may be a concert of some singer-star. There is no necessity to listen to the whole concert offered by a star, still pleasant background music seems to be appropriate for a party.

Icebreaker reception for guests may become paper badges with nicknames for each guest. To succeed in such activity, the planner should be aware of every guest and have solid background about all of them. Such badges will be helpful for all guests specially for those who are not familiar with each other in a good way.

Drinks should be also properly chosen for an entertaining party especial for such party where guests will not be seated (Shock & Stefanelli, 2008). It is wrong to have some strong alcoholic drinks like vodka or whisky because guests should be able to control their behavior and communication with each other.

In general, the design concept for the event where 500 medical doctors entertain is based on appropriate illumination, a number of balloons to put the guests in a good mood, background life music, and control over drinks.

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