Do I need God to be moral or happy

The creation of earth and man has remained a mystery that has enabled religious commentators and scientists to put forward spirited theories to explain their existence. However, critics too have come up with facts challenging the reports by denouncing their authenticity.

The existence of man and earth though can be traced to a deity with supernatural powers who out of his love, decided to create them. It is only this idea that has had supportive documents in the form of holy books such as the Koran, the Bible, and the Jews’ scrolls, etc that dates back to several years. Consequently, this paper offers proposed knowledge on life and the relationship between God and man.

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Existence of man is thus a well calculated art of invention that was carried out by God himself; hence man is a child of God. This would lead to the next perplexity which examines God’s possible identity. God is the father of man and created the earth so that man could find a home to live in thus God is supreme and holy. Man has power over the earthly gifts since mankind is an image of God.

It is this special privilege that prompted God to provide and enforce his commandments in form of laws to govern every generation of man. Moses of the Old Testament was entrusted with the laws on Mount Sinai where rules and regulations guiding the human race were spelt out.

Any opposition to these laws was therefore seen to be sinful. The origin of sin can trace back to the beginning of life when God’s first creation sinned against him after an encounter with Satan who duped them. Satan is the mastermind of sin and also the author of all evil on earth.

It is believed that Satan was once an angel in heaven which is the throne of God, but was ejected for challenging God’s authority. Since Satan had nowhere to go to, he decided to come to earth and swore to make as many people as possible become rebellious to God as a way of seeking revenge.

Due to this demonic intention, Satan has been seen to be behind every tribulation that has dogged man in the entire generation. God too has countered this wretched mission of Satan, by promising those who live righteously, for a better life through reincarnation and eternal life according to the Islam and Christian beliefs respectively. Those who shall have not changed by advocating for evil will perish according to the Muslim faithful or death by fire popular to the Christian beliefs.

God’s purpose is hence very noble and gives room for mankind to make a choice. It leads us to the next detail on discretion; wisdom is as old as the earth itself. King Solomon of the Old Testament exhibited his wisdom by arbitrating on a dispute between two women who were contesting on parentage issues. Having resolved the issue through his immense wealth of wisdom, Solomon was named the wise king and always used his knowledge to bring warring parties together.

The kind of wisdom seen here is so ancient and relevant even by today’s standards. Wisdom is deep knowledge and basically grows overtime through age and experience encountered before, this makes the older generation wiser than the younger generation. Ancient wisdom is truly superior and should be the foundation of knowledge on earth today.

It is clear then, that knowledge and evidence goes hand in hand thereby defining empiricism. It is from this conviction of facts that I consider myself an empiricist since I feel convinced that wisdom is not innate but knowledge acquired from experience. Knowledge can also be adopted through any form of learning and it is because of this factor that I conceive in God’s creation having got an opportunity of attending madras classes and an in depth information from the holy book of Koran.

Having seen the importance of God in human life, the subsequent submission of man to the wishes of God leads to mental and spiritual strength. Both items arise from the human conscience which dictates on character and other traits. God’s plan is to save mankind from evil, its quiet obvious that moral sanity comes from good teachings.

These teachings propagate on good values such as joy, honesty, love and so on. All these values are God’s gifts that can only attach to good people. It is pretty fine to say that God dwells in a peaceful place guided by good morals. Morality here refers to accepted behaviors in man usually guided by Godly teachings. For example, abortion is sinful according to the Muslim faith since life is sanctified by God.

So, the act of abortion is immoral .on the other hand, ethics simply dictate on morality. For instance, rules guiding a work environment such as adhering to the dressing code show good ethics. It is apparent therefore that, morality is synonymous with good behaviors while ethics are the universally accepted codes guiding such behaviours.It is from these reasons that I offer my full devotion to God in my opinion as a true Muslim.


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