Business-to-Business Marketing

B2B marketing strategy addresses the relationship that exist between businesses, both competitors and suppliers, the relationship has an effect on either business thus should be managed effectively; the main ain of the relationship is to improve supply chain systems (Strauss & Frost, 2001). In a pastry business, there are a number of B2B business marketing that can be effectively be utilizes, they are:

Procurement portal model: this is an approach where businesses in the same line of business co-operate with each other to demand for better prices and quality for goods from suppliers, on the other hand, they may use the system to cost cuts. In the pastry business, cost of supplies in the industry and operating costs can be cut using this method thus increasing the profit margin enjoyed.

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Mega-exchange model: under this model, businesses in a certain industry operate under the same centralized body that seeks to fight for their rights in case there is trouble, when such a policy is implemented, then the business has the benefit of fighting for its rights with some voice. In the pastry industry, the government can implement some policies that injure the industry, a mega-exchange model will assist in such dispute management (Strauss & Frost, 2001).

B2B Mass promotion: this is where players in certain industry arrange for a marketing campaign together. Some incidences calls for a combination of marketing strategies to reach targets customer, target customers of competitors is the same, the kind of relationship developed in business-business marketing can be of current benefit to a company or can have positive effects in the future (Strauss & Frost, 2001).

Business to Consumer Marketing

B2C marketing model is the oldest and most direct form of marketing where the company targets customers directly and aims to develop a healthy relationship between the two; it aims at developing loyalty and strengthening ones brand in the market. In the pastry industry, businesses in the sector aim at creating a close connection with their clients in the efforts of creating loyalty and self-marketing. The following are some of B2C approaches that can be used in a pastry business:

Branding and loyalty strategy: Under this approach, a company aims at developing a strong brand name through continuous improvement of its products and processes. When improving, the inputs of customers are given high priority.

Brand extension approach: this is where after building a strong brand name, then it used the strength to expand its market further and create a close connection with its customers. B2C marketing assist a company implements different methods of persuading customers to buy its products and remain loyal to the company. The focus here is on the customer and counter attacking competitors (Strauss & Frost, 2001).

Examples of companies that are utilizing e-business strategies a number of international companies’ e-business strategies, these companies include:

Toyota Motor Corporation
Apple Inc
Nokia Electronic Company
Samsung Electronics
HP Computer company and
Starbucks (Spiro, Rich &Stanton, 2008).

Benefits of using e-business

The cost of operation of the business is relatively cheap when using e-business than when using other models of marketing. Running costs of the strategy is cheap relative to the number of people that will be reached by a single tool of marketing adopted.

The ultimate goals of a business is to make profits, since the approach leads to reduced costs, then it contributes to the attainment of a business noble goal (Jobber & Lancaster, 2003).


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