Ecological Integrity and Impact of Human Activities on Nature

Ecological Integrity

The ecological integrity is one of the concepts currently discussed. In fact, the term ‘ecological integrity’ means biodiversity typical of the location and ability of nature to sustain this diversity.

In other words, human activity can damage the health of ecological system by destroying the diversity which includes different species of fauna and flora that contribute to the development of the ecosystem and its maintenance in the way it was done for a long period of time. Health of nature is the main concept that should be protected in order to sustain natural biodiversity and preserve biological balance on the planet.

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Human System

The diversity of natural resources varies depending on the location and resources typical for this or that region. In this respect, natural resources are developed and distributed to different countries all over the world to make sure that needs of all people in natural resources are met.

Natural gas and oil are the most important and widely applied resources used in different fields such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, and other areas. Wood is used for making paper, furniture, building houses, and a great variety of other fields. So, I use water, air, gas, oil, wood, and other resources in my everyday life.

Environmental Degradation

The impact of human activity on the environment is mostly negative whereas many people and corporations try to reduce the gas emissions and pollution of water, soil, and air. In other words, the degradation of natural environment is the expected outcome of the use of natural resources without thinking about the results of it and its impact on ecosystems that become less and less sustainable.

Social Issues

The use of resources should be discussed on the local, regional, national, and international levels instead of criticizing every individual separately. However, the changes that can be introduced to reduce the negative impact of human activities on ecosystem and biodiversity should start with a personal donation of every individual. In this respect, I can say that buying devices that can be easily recycled and reducing the use of energy inefficient technologies would be my first steps in changing my impact on society from using resources. Moreover, encouraging others to reduce the negative impact on ecosystem could be a good contribution as well.

Sustainability Goals

The difference can be made with the help of environmentally safe products, resources, and technologies. Moreover, it is important to remember that people can improve the ecological sustainability by stopping destruction of forests and impact on ocean floor. In other words, every part of the ecosystem consists of the species that are native to the location and the resources such as water sources or forests that are natural setting for these species. So, the main sustainability goal concerns maintaining the ecosystem so that it was not damaged and could remain biologically diverse during a long period of time.

The Timeline

The timeline necessary to sustain the biodiversity includes more than a decade because the impact of human activity should be neutralized and certain improvement should be made in the economic and industrial fields to ensure that people would not pollute the ecosystem over and over. However, some changes such as distribution of energy efficient devices that can be recycled is one of the effective steps to sustainable ecological health.


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