Essay States. (Saks, 2012) Although patients with schizophrenia

Essay 3 Diagnosing an individual with schizophrenia can be quiet challenging because the symptoms vary greatly from person to person. There are many different symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking and speech and inappropriate effect. “Schizophrenia is a disorder in which functioning deteriorates as a result of disturbed thought processes, distorted perceptions, unusual emotions, and motor abnormalities. For quite some time, majority of people diagnosed with schizophrenia were institutionalized in a public mental hospital. Because patients with schizophrenia did not respond to traditional therapies, the primary goals of these hospitals were to restrain them and give them food, shelter, and clothing. ” (Comer, 2016) There are also anti-psychotics and therapy available.  Although there are treatment options available, people with schizophrenia do need more help than what is given. While watching Saks Ted Talk, she stated some valid points, she pointed out how we need to invest more resources into research and treatment for mental illnesses because she believes when people have a better understanding about these illnesses, the better the treatments can become, and the better the treatments we can provide, the more we can offer people care, and not have to use force. She also did not like how mental illnesses were criminalized and it is a “national tragedy and scandal” that the L.A. County Jail is the biggest psychiatric facility in the United States. (Saks, 2012) Although patients with schizophrenia have the right to refuse treatment, this can work against them. If they are not getting treated then their symptoms will interfere with their daily life and they may be dangerous for themselves and others. I believe that individuals with any mental illness should not be looked down upon because they are people as well that struggle with something that they cannot control.