Everyone make a decision that can either have

Everyone in life is faced with having to make a decision that can either have a good outcome on your life or it can make a turn for the worst. But does that always happen? Nine times out of ten no. It’s a given that life doesn’t go as planned most of the time. Being a “do” person instead of a “what if” individual means taking the leap, even if you don’t want to. One of the biggest factors that will hold people back is that to too often we are not completely clear on what type of result or outcome we want from a situation. Recently, I had to make a choice that affected my life in numerous ways for instance I currently work at Sony Music which Sony Music is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. That being said, there wasn’t really much room to think of any other alternatives for this situation since it was either submit the contract and hope for the best or wait for my boss to get back and risk the chance of missing the deadline to submit the contract. Think about its effects in the long term, and short term. Think about it, if you don’t really know what kind of result you want it is going to be pretty hard to know what choice is going to be the right one. Making choices can affect any and everything in your life whether it’s dealing with your family or just everyday situations. The information required was something that could best be provided by my boss; however, by comparing previous contracts and verifying the details with the department’s finance office, I took initiative and was able to finalize the publishing agreement information and made the decision to submit the contract before the deadline. I do second-guess myself, like everyone else, but when I commit myself to a decision, I stick by it. I do not look back on it and ask myself, “What if I had made this decision instead? What if things had turned out differently?” I only look forward and tackle the next challenge with the same mindset. It may not seem like the right time or the perfect situation but it’s better to take a chance and see what it ends up being, instead of holding yourself back and later asking that dreaded question that there is no real answer to. My boss was flying and would be impossible to communicate until after the contract was submitted to our finance office. Knowing exactly what you want is very powerful this is probably one of the most important ideas to keep in mind when making good choices.I had a difficult deadline of noon on a Monday, by which I had to submit a contract on behalf of my boss, who was out of town in Mexico with one of our biggest revenue artist Ricky Martin. That being said, you can see why any decision I make is very critical when it’s time to execute. Now when I made this decision there was a lot running through my mind because at the end of the day I was playing with millions of dollars on the line for the company and one little error that I make could cost me all the hard work that I’ve done till this point. So what do you do? You get a clear understanding, before you make any choice. Yes, everyone wants to make good choices in life. We had worked all weekend making sure every piece of the contract was in place, but somehow we had both overlooked a key component which in all honesty does happen but not to me specially when I’m trying to prove myself. The company boasts a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Often times it can be difficult if not impossible to make what you think at that moment will be the right choice. That being said, taking a risk is exactly what I did and in this case I was right going with my gut feeling of submitting the contract instead of waiting for my boss which ultimately led me to getting a promotion and also recognition from my upper management.. In my opinion there are two different types of people in this world, and if you really want to live up to your full potential and manifest your dreams into a reality, you need to find good balance between the different types.I am not a “what if” person.