Face-to-face maximize the quality of the data they

interview also
call individual interview is a survey method used when targeting a specific
target population and probably the oldest form and most popular of survey data
collection. The aim of a face-to-face interview survey is to probe the reply of
people to collect more and deeper information. Face-to-face interview surveys are used to
investigate respondents ‘answers, while observing the respondents’ behavior
either group or as an individually. It
remains the best form of data collection when people want to minimize non
responsiveness and maximize the quality of the data they collect.

group research
is within a focus group propose a set of questions intended to get insight
regarding the method of the group views of  
related images ,slogans, concepts or product. As a representative of company
sample of a consumers targeted , a focus group able provide insights  constant with that are shared with a broader
range of target market. The
moderator of the focus group should propose questions in a way that does not
lead group members to offer the desired answer but should give a truthful and
insightful answer.

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Observation method is researchers who
observed a consistent behavior of a correlation study. Observational research
is has variety of type, these types are organized under by the extent to which
an experimenter invade upon or control the surrounding. It is a social research
skill that includes immediate observation of phenomena in the natural
environment. This is to be distinguished from experimental study in which a
quasi-artificial environment is created to command the false component, at
least one of which is operate as part of the experiment.

Revision it is
the method use of reliable documents and previously existing also include other
sources of information which is source of data to be utilize within an up-to-date
investigation or research. The
collector of the data will went to library and look over the books and other
references for that information which is relevant to what at present research

Studies is the
data collect through taking a data is gathered by taking an in-depth analysis
and close look of a case studies. May be the unit of research is be a group of
individuals, an individual or a whole organization. This methodology’s versatility is
reflected in how to utilize it to analyze simple and complex topics.

The project management process
involves 5 phases which have initiation, planning, execution, control and
project close.

phases are the
first phase in project management process because it involves the necessary
business for setting up a new project is shaped. Also is idea of a project will
carefully inspect to define whether it is able to bring advantage to the
organization or not. Afterwards, sponsors of this project will be gives
financially supported and the project will be getting launched. Then, the
manager of the project will be distribute involve two part it is coordinating
and managing project activities. At this stage, the team of decision making
will determine whether the project will able actually be completed.

planning it is
plan the entire project as a high-level project at the beginning of the project
and then plan every phase in more detail about the beginning of each phase.
During the project plan make sure that you have right people, supporting tools,
methodologies and resources for all the planning phase. When in this phase, a
group shall prioritize the project and schedule and budget should calculate
also to define which are the resources is needed. Therefore, it can consign the
project on budget, on time therefore to achieve the right quality standards.

Second phases execution consists of a process employ
to accomplish the project requirements by completing the work defined in the
project plan. The process of execution involves coordinating, resources staff
and integrating and finished project activities in accordance with project
plans. Project execution the main outcome is deliverables of the project and
producing this would be the responsibility of the project team which people
will be working for the project plan.

Third phase, control this process involve the project manager would compares the
progress and status of the project to the actual plan because the resource go
through the scheduled work. Compare actual performance with planned performance
and taking corrective action in the presence of significant differences to
produce the desired result. The control process is ongoing throughout the life
of the project. At this stage, the project manager oversees each the task and
able to adjust the schedule or do the necessary things to maintain the project
going and to ensure that the approved and authorized the project is within
budget, on time, on scope therefore the project continue with minimal of the

Last phases, which are project closing it represents of the project
official completed. When the project tasks are completed the project manager is
evaluation the necessary to highlight what went well and learn from project
history and refers to whichever potential mistake. In last, the teams carry on a project
report, compute the final cost sheet and provide information on any tasks that
remain incomplete. The
project reports combined with potential failure analysis will be valuable
feedbacks for future projects and the lessons learned project are finalized and
archived in the company’s organizational process assets.


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