Finding the right employees

Furphy explains that many businesses have a problem in finding the right employees for their businesses and keeping the employees motivated to perform their work. It is common knowledge that unless employees are motivated they will not be able to perform to the expectations of the employer.

Trampoline Gelato chain wanted to establish a new brand into the market and expand its operations since its opening in 2004. The first task that Furphy was supposed to oversee was to look for the new brand. He wanted to capitalize on the innovativeness that he had witnessed in the United States, a factor that was definitely lacking among many Australian companies. Majority of those involved in producing the Tampoline brand had confidence in coming up with on site product.

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In designing the brand, Furphy was highly influenced by Mambo and Crumpler which were Britain drinks he respected so much. He says that the integrity and honesty of this business inspires him. One of the things that Furphy wanted to avoid in the design was over use of common statements commonly referred to as cliches.

It was important to come up with something original that would be appealing so he was keen to avoid use of Italian cliches at all cost. The agency that would provide such as brand was the British based design agency known as Nest because of its reputation in the retail market. Some people who are the owners of the companies use their own names in designing the brand but since Furphy was not the owner of the company, he opted to use community- style marketing.

The products of Trampoline offer some of the most appealing flavors in the market. The company is intending to expand its operations as it moves to another level of development by opening 40 new franchises.

The ownership is also expected to change. Furphy always insists that the most important thing for the brand is its personality and the people who work there. He says that the challenges he anticipates are similar to those experienced in Virgin where he has to maintain the brand personality and its qualities as well ensuring that everything concerning the brand is systemized.

The brand positions itself as individuals in a bid to realize its goals and employees are allowed to express themselves. As a brand gets larger, it becomes imperative for the leaders to come up with new parameters of dealing with the increased growth. There are so many other brands out there facing the same challenges so it is not a unique problem for their brand.

According to Furphy, the brand is now developing a joint venture system which will ensure that good times as well as bad times are shared. Some franchising systems rejoice in acquiring huge cheques from the franchisees but are not interested in sharing in the risks involved. Trampoline wants to distinguish itself from such by maintaining quality and quantity.

The idea Trampoline has is to recruit energetic youths in their late 20s or early 30s because they have the right attitude. With their energy, they will add up to great value in the joint venture. While 3 percent of the profits made goes to marketing and administration fee, the sharing of profits is equal. Furphy adds that when people join the system they should work towards being the owners. However, they should come in with money because if you are keen on it you will always find finances.


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