Foods Seeds of Deception “To win the most

Foods and how
to produce foods are always a huge part of human’s life. Nowadays,


people think of a lot of
new ways to get food more easily and faster. For instance, we can

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see fast food restaurants
everywhere, people can grab their food in five minutes.


Microwave food can be seen
in every supermarket, all we need to do is microwave it for


two minutes and do not even
need to cook to get a meal. Modern foods like these bring too


much convenience to our
life and make life quicker without spending a lot of money. But for


a easy life, people also
create Genetically Modified food (GM food) and over thousands of


different kinds of
pesticides. Not only do they harm human’s body but also the





GM foods are a kind of food
that have had change introduced
into their DNA and make the

crops stronger or grow faster.
However, these kinds of crops that have changed DNA are

very harmful to human’s body. Artemis D and Ioannis S (2008, p.164-175) have shown that

animal studies with certain GM foods may toxically
affect several organs and systems, and

can also cause some common toxic effects such as hepatic,
pancreatic, renal, or

effects and may alter our blood. Monsanto is now the biggest GM food

company, Jeffrey M (2003) wrote
in Seeds of Deception “To win the most extensive market,

biotech companies bought 23% seed companies and capturing 91% of the GM food

In another study (Dan M,2014) shown GM crops are Overwhelmingly more

than other crops so over 90% market share of corn, soybean, cotton, sugar

canola are all from Monsanto.It is very hard not to absorb any gene transform

this prevalent atmosphere. A study (Claudio O, Elide
A,2005) has shown that the most

dangerous and common type
of food reaction is IgE-mediated food allergy. Toxic in modern

foods cause respiratory,
gastrointestinal, cutaneous and cardiovascular symptoms.

Moreover, they can also
cause life- threatening symptoms, such as rapid rate anaphylactic



Besides GM foods, pesticides are also a terrible
product that scientists produce. Farmers


want to have better harvest without vermin impact, spraying pesticides
must be necessary.


But if those chemical elements can kill all the vermin, how will it be
to inhale by human? 


Katarina Lah (2011) has shown that pesticide exposure can cause serious
health problem,


such as memory loss, loss of coordination, reduced speed of response
to stimuli, reduced


visual ability, altered or uncontrollable mood, general behavior, and
reduced motor skills.


Moreover, a recent study (John
B, Tim S, Geoffrey M, Geoffrey B, Lyndon B, Anthony M,


2003, p.724-730)
has compared 1999 outdoor workers that used pesticide and 1984 indoor


workers that
did not use pesticides from 1935-1996, and during this 61 years, the mortality


rate of workers
that used insecticides were significantly higher than the other one.



conclude, modern technology not only changes public eating habits but also

customs. It is clear to tell that modern foods are the reason that allergies

health issues become widespread. Furthermore, they are not just harming the

eat them but farmers body, too.


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