For Bernard Lovell and will present my findings


this project, I will be describing Mr. Bernard Lovell and will present my
findings in the form of a podcast, which will be a maximum of two minutes. He
is one of the most well-known physicists and astronomers in the world, which is
one of the reasons why I have chosen him to be the subject of my research.



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Lovell is an extremely important figure in the world of astronomy as he
developed a radio telescope, initially known as Mark 1, and then renamed to
Lovell Telescope after 30 years of its existence. At the time, it was the
largest steerable radio telescope in the world, and is still one of the largest
ones, contributing immensely to the pool of knowledge about different subjects
of astronomy. It was able to keep track of the American and Soviet spaceships
during the Cold War. It made outstanding progress in observing these
satellites, including the detection of the Sputnik 1 satellite 1.


Lovell’s early extensive meteor studies, he discovered that meteors actually
orbited in the solar system, and did not belong outside of it, which opened the
eyes of the public as well as other scientists that they had been understating
the number of daytime meteor showers 2. Furthermore, he collaborated with his
wife to write many astronomical books such as ‘Discovering the Universe’, which
was published in 1967.


I chose Mr. Lovell to be the subject of my research and am very curious to
learn about his discoveries.



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