For project is a judicious mix of mechatronics,

For any industry, the application of industrial engineering is crucial for process design, proper utilization of required material, and its efficient use; it also requires coordination with managers and updating them with the status of the process at any time. Although the program for industrial engineering started in the 20th century, I feel it needs to be analyzed in different ways given the economic collapse in 2007, when I realized that the systematic order needs to overcome problems of wastage with depleted resources.

I have done my schooling from Rustomjee International School, which is one of the most popular schools in my city. During my school years, I was a bright and intelligent student, and the subject that intrigued the most was mathematics. Being a subject of interest, I scored more than 85% and 95% in mathematics in SSC and HSC, respectively. My choice of selecting engineering as my career was influenced by the following factors: mechanical engineers need to be good at mathematics and it is still a respected field.

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My undergraduate program was one of the best things in my life as I took up mechanical engineering. My favorite subjects were operations research, mathematics (I, II, III, and IV), TOM (I and II), and engineering design. Due to my vast interest in industrial engineering, I selected project management as my last semester elective. As the world is becoming more complex with increased automation, I found my interest burgeoning in programming as well. Industrial engineers can work in any industry; this would help me tame my anxiety about knowing technologies other than mechanical and industrial engineering.

I completed several projects throughout my education most of them while I was in school. I completed my second year TOM project under the guidance of my batch mentor. It used a simple rotary to linear movement mechanism for effective work. My third-year project was related to mechatronics, and I made a compact but faster line follower. My final year project is based on energy regeneration utilizing kinetic energy. This project is a judicious mix of mechatronics, TOM, and IE. This project is under the guidance of my departmental mentor in mechanical engineering.

I love software and after consulting professors and colleagues, I decided this is where my career prospects lay. I started learning software at a renowned institute, the Cadd Centre. I had a few innovative ideas and took part in the Engineer’s day project exhibition. I have a strong base in mathematics and I am an ardent follower of efficient systems in society. This has led me to pursue a Master’s. An MS has been the best choice for my colleagues and even suggested by professors. My Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering gave me sound knowledge of many fields. The best part of my undergraduate studies was that it equally emphasized mathematical and programming concepts.

A master of science degree from Clemson University for industrial engineering will give me a perfect meld of communication, management and technical skills, which will help me in achieving my long-term goal of working with global leaders in the industry where I would be able to contribute to their company as project manager and especially in operations research department which has worked as a driving motivation for me in choosing industrial engineering as my masters. The support and quality of the faculty, effectiveness of the graduate program, the myriad of ongoing research in diverse areas, the carefully designed, flexibility and depth of courses, seem to me as the right complexion to nurture my enthusiasm and work towards my goal. Upon graduation, I wish to have some work experience from technology giants such as Apple, Amazon, Cummins, Tesla and many more. I see myself in 10 years as a manager for a technology firm and especially in operations research working to make my company as efficient as possible.


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