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From watching yourself improve to admiring your hardworking mother, there’s so many things in this world that could help someone lacking inspiration. Inspiration is something that come from simple things in life like getting a perfect mark on your marvelous-unbelievable-astonishing project that you worked so very hard on or even watching as the influencers of the world change this planet for the better. With all these fantastic events, it might be hard for one to choose one specific moment or thing, however, for me, it was easy. A couple months ago, my mom introduced me to this movie called Whiplash. She explained to me about how she watched it a while ago, and how she can’t stop thinking about the important message that’s hidden behind this toiled movie. The movie whiplash was filmed in New York City in 2014. Being directed by the famous Damien Chazelle , it was a guarantee that this movie was going to be something different from the rest, as he directed plenty of popular movies (La La Land, Grand Piano, etc.) . In addition to the talented director, there were also plenty of well-known actors on set of this movie. For example, J.K Simmons who acted in popular movies like Spiderman and The Wizard Of Oz or even Miles Teller who is known for his important cast in Divergent or the Fantastic Four. Obviously, the movie ended up doing amazing received many awards (NME Best Film, 40th Deauville American Film Festival) and even a grammy nomination. In the way I see it, all the awards were definitely deserved.The story starts off with Andrew Neiman, a jazz student who’s experiencing his first day at Shaffer Conservatory in New York. Only a week into starting at the school, he meets a conductor, Terence Fletcher. Fletcher sees Andrew practicing in the music room, and he’s quite impressed. He invites him into his studio band in order to see if Andrew could become a potential new member of the band. Andrew becomes more than excited for this incredible opportunity, but reality hits him quick: Fletcher is strict and abusive toward his the band members. Even on his first day trying, Andrew was struggling to keep the tempo. Fletcher had no sympathy for him: He hurled a chair at him, slapped him and scolded him in front of the band. Later in the story, Andrew goes to a jazz competition, where he misplaces another band member’s music book. Since the member wouldn’t be able to play without it, Andrew steps in. He explained to Fletcher about how he can perform “Whiplash” from memory and, after a impressive performance, Fletcher finally decided to give him the place he wanted: the main drummer. Throughout the story, Fletcher does everything he can to make Andrew work even harder. Threatening to replace him, making him play until his hands bleed, telling him to break up with his girlfriend because he’s not focused enough etc. Andrew was determined to impress Fletcher, so he did everything that he was told to do. Here comes my favourite scene: on the way to a competition, the bus that Andrew was taking breaks down. Andrew was not willing to give up, so he rents a car. Obviously, he ends up late. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he realizes left his drumsticks at the rental office. Andrew wastes no time and does everything he can to get back to the office as fast as possible. The scene is so intense. On the way back, Andrew’s car gets broadsided. Most would give up at that point, but Andrew did the opposite. He runs back to the theater, despite being bloody and injured. When he struggles to play “Caravan”, Fletcher stops the performance to tell Andrew he is “done”. Enraged, Andrew attacks Fletcher in front of the audience.As you can probably imagine, Andrew stops playing for the band as much as it hurts him. Even worse, his father forces him to file a lawsuit. Months later, Andrew once again discovers Fletcher performing at a jazz club. Andrew gets invited to replace the current drummer in his new band at the upcoming Jazz Festival. A week later, on stage, before the performance begins, Fletcher reveals that he knows Andrew testified against him, and leads the band with a piece Andrew does not know with goal to absolutely humiliated Andrew. Andrew leaves the stage. Then, he returns to the drum kit, begins playing “Caravan”, and cues the band. As the piece ends and the lights go down, Andrew continues his solo. Fletcher is taken aback  along with the rest of the audience.


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