Generation 2010

The essay critically examines the concepts surrounding generation 2010. To do this successfully, th paper analyzes the differences of this generation in terms of educational plans, habits/beliefs they old, hobbies and health as compared to the other types of generations such as the lost generation, greatest generation, silent generation, baby boom generation, generation X, generation, Y and Generation Z (1990-2010)

It is worth noting from the onset that this kind of generation is also known as Net Generation and were born between 1990s and 2010. They are kids of parents from generation X, there are instances that some of them have parents from young baby boomers and older constituents of generation Y (Clemow 126). this generation is characterized by intensive social networking, advanced personal entertainment solutions always by their side, are very receptive to marketing information and are more at risk to suffer from poor management of finances.

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Education plans

Unlike their counter parts in the previous generation, individuals in this generation are usually exposed pretty much earlier to technological innovation. For this reason, they have been termed students of today. Considering the fact that technological innovation changes within a blink of a second, these individuals to not think much of their education in future as compared let say to generation Y.

Generally speaking they lack the ambition exhibited by the previous generation (Palfrey & Gasser 142). Although they are optimistic education wise, a culture of individualism is what defines them and they do not read books like those in the other generation, they have a lower concentration and like watching TV and other entertainment.

All these make them to have a long lasting educational plan. With this advanced kid of technology, there are those few individuals who have clearly established their way forward concerning their professionals.


In terms of health, the advent of technology has been deemed to be a cause for alarm for this generation. Since these individuals do everything online. This makes them to be less active physically as compared to generation X, Y, baby boomers and the rest. This coped with rapid development of fast food, makes these kind of generation to be at very high risk of suffering from a myriad of health complications especially as a result of fast food, “It is possible that Generation Z will be the most unhealthy, overweight group of workers the world has seen,” (McCrindle & Wolfinger 106)

Additionally, due to advanced technology in communication, the world has turned into a global village where one can travel across thousands of miles and back within the shortest time possible. With the presence of contagious diseases and illness such individuals are much vulnerable to health risks as disease spread is quickly and faster. This indeed will affect even the rest of the generations.

Habits or Beliefs

One major believe this kind of generation had is that technology is everything to them. It provides them with information, entertainment. Another habit that is most common to this kind of generation is that they are much receptive to marketing massaging and are higher risk of poor financial management.

They usually move to other places to look for work, they hold the opinion that equality and diversity and equality is the norm in carrying out day to day activities, have poor financial management and finally, the generation do not believe in being loyal to employee and they can frequently change their profession.

These individuals are sensitive in terms of the environment and are open to change unlike their previous counter parts who took long to adopt new innovations. All these are indeed very different attributes held by the previous generations


Surrounding the issue of hobbies, Z generation have slightly different set of things they do during their free time. A greater percentage of these people unlike those who constitute the later generation prefer utilizing their free time in playing games online and such related issues for instance charting, on line gambling among other (Palfrey & Gasser 142). They have very little time to engage themselves in hobbies that entails physical activities for instance playing football and other kind of games, a major distinguishing feature between them and baby boomers and generations X and Y.


It is apparent that there are clear distinctions between generation Y and the rest set of human generations. They were born in the midst of technology advent which has impacted on their educational plans, health, hobbies, habits and belies to mention but a few.

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