Geography Is One of the Essential Disciplines in School

Geography is a very important discipline which teaches us to understand the basic rules of our world. From geography classes we know about climate and landform forces, cultural and political structure of different countries and nations.

This course was very organization and I got to know a lot of interesting and very important things about our world. I am quite satisfied with my learning achievements, since I reached all my learning goals. Now I have the understanding of the main forces of the earth, the ocean and the spheres, which make up the peculiarities of climate all over the world.

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I also learned about different political and cultural traditions of some countries. Of course, I did not cover all the amount of countries and nations, which is impossible even for such substantial course, but I have the common generalized knowledge of the major countries and which is even more important, I know the ways how and where I can find the necessary information.

The most exciting part for me was a cultural part of the course, when we learned traditions of different people, which is really interesting. The most disputable, to my mind, part of the course is still pollution issues and energy issues, which are quite connected. To my mind this part needs more precise attention, but I’d like to discuss it a bit later.

Apart from receiving definite amount of necessary knowledge I received something more. I broaden my common knowledge and now I have more definite ideas about what I’d like to get to know further. My personal achievement, which I attained during the course, to my mind, is my ability to organize my own study and the fact that I obtained such a considerable amount of information, which is a very good basis for further education. I became a geographically literal person, if I may say so, and I bear in mind all the concepts and principles of the geography.

All these achievements made me understand that this course of geography opens the whole world in front of the young people, schoolchildren. This course is very substantial, touching all the main aspects of life of the earth, including soil, water, nature and people. Now I see that geography not only deals with location of different countries but provides deep knowledge of the central laws of our existence.

The course of geography is very broad; it is not like chemistry for instance which is only preoccupied with chemical elements. Geography embraces a very wide spectrum of issues beginning with natural forces, and coming to consideration of organization of peoples’ life and correlation between the nature and people.

I’d like to stress that the course is very rich in information, though, to my mind, it is possible to add some more discussion concerning the problems of energy and pollution. Modern life brings into forefront these very issues, since the amount of people grows and, thus, the amount of different polluting sources also grows, but the amount of energy sources vanishes too rapidly.

Thus, from very early years we should pay a lot of attention to these issues, and we should try to find different ways to overcome these problems. Geography course contributes greatly into these issues solving, since it gets prepared new generations which are to build new perfect world.


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