Geospatial occurred along the river bank, geospatial techniques

Geospatial technique has been widely used for
diversified applications such mapping, monitoring, planning etc both for large
and small area. Geospatial techniques include ground surveying, aerial
photogrammetry, remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS). In
this study, geospatial technique is used for assessment of river bank of Sungai
Kilim, Langkawi, Kedah. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Malaysia with
UNESCO recognition since 2006 as Kilim Geoforest Park. It is well known as
nature reserve that consist of various amazing flora and fauna in the mangrove
area. This area is now under the threat of significant
river bank erosion caused by intensification of tourism that visited this
wonderful mangrove area. In this area, the
tourists hired boat to visit the surrounding area. However, there are too many
boats used, many trips and uncontrolled speed boat that caused river erosion.   The aim of this
research is to assess river bank erosion using remote sensing image and GIS
tools in analyzing the impact that caused
river erosion by the tourist speed boat. In order to determine the rate of
changes of river erosion occurred along the river bank, geospatial techniques
are used to calculate the statistical analysis of the rate of changes. Digital
Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) software is used in this research which
highlight two main statistical analysis of Net Shoreline Movement (NSM) and End
Point Rate (EPR) of both sides of the river bank. The output of this study shows
significant changes of river erosion and also accretion along the river bank
which can be seen by the extraction or river line. Also in this study, the
migration of mangrove trees is also examined. In conclusion, the impact towards
the migration of mangrove trees and riverbank erosion can be identified and
predicted based on several epochs of observation using remotely sensed data. 


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