Give Me Liberty

The book, Give me liberty by Naomi wolf is written by the author with the intention of highlighting the country’s need to restore liberty in the falling system.

The author is keen to note that though it is easy to indentify the problems that are inexistence, it is not always clear to come up with the solutions that are needed. In this book, the author shows the changes that ordinary citizens would bring about when they are involved in the democracy of the country. The changes that the citizens would need to incorporate are in reference to the intentions of the founding fathers about democracy.

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This paper is aimed on examining the way America is supposed to run by ensuing that the fake democracy and patriotism is fought against. It also define the battle plan that the American citizens would use in ensuring that they fight back and regain back the rule of laws defined in the American constitution that enhance the liberty that is desired in the country.

At declaration of independence, the founders that were involved in formulation of American constitution had in mind that there will be provision of the rights that would ensure that every citizen was equal to the other. The founders were instrumental in noting that the creator had assigned certain rights that they should be assigned by the individuals in the country so as to promote equality. The rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness are rights that the government should at all time ensure that they are followed.

Changes that may need to be adjusted to these rights need to be agreed by the people as they are the only ones who are assigned the power to alter them. It is therefore of importance to form laws that govern us from these principles as equality of all people should be acknowledged at all times. It is also notable that these rights should be extended to all people of the world as we are all subjects of the creator.

However, the author is keen to note that there are some characters that can lead to the human generation not practicing these rights of promoting the equality that the creator instituted. Having a fake democracy, fake patriotism as well as crises in our government are some of the causes that make United States not follow the dream that the founders had in mind when formulating the constitution.

Patriotism in America has been changed to such a state that it has been rebranded. The term has been used to mean uncritical support of American policies. The involvement of United States in wars has got much support from people regardless of the cost to be incurred in these exercises.

The supports of American policies have notably being immersed whether they are right or wrong. Such a move is what the author is keen to refer to it as fake patriotism. As president Lincoln noted that the loyalty that is in existence in United States is a blind loyalty that is backed by the realization that America is a better county that the other countries in the world (Wolf 24).

The founders of this country did not create it as liberty for America but lather America for liberty. The notion that America is a better country as compared to other countries of the world is therefore wrong as America should only be an example of a country that endorses liberty among all people and not acting in such a way that it is the only country that has liberty on their side.

The rule of law is one important policy that needs to be followed. It enhances patriotism amongst the people in the country and provides a guide of how patriotism should be. Such a guide can be an important tool that makes sure that the people stays patriotic to the nation and also in dire practice of liberty.

According to Wolf, there exists a lack of understanding on how the democracy that is there in the country works. The country also faces crises if incase the system that we use in administrating us does not use the principles the founding fathers were keen to note down that will fight against torturing of citizens in the country.

It is also notable that if people are not aware of the laws as that are assigned to them by law, a government or a leadership may cause an abuse of power that they hold. It is therefore of importance that there his knowledge of this right so as to keep the administration in check against misuse of the power assigned to them by the constitution.

The author is also keen to note of other core principles available to the citizens that would ensure that liberty is granted to the citizens of the land. For one, the citizen has the right to speak freely of the ideas they may have in minds that are beneficial to Americans (Wolf 154). Such ideas may be beneficial to the society and the country in general. Moreover, there should be the responsibility of the citizens against oppression and injustices that may be in existence in our society.

Whether we experience the oppression or is contained in the foreign policy, we should ensure such is not practiced. Incase the government does not act against this there should be such moves that drive them to keep away from their actions. A protest is one of the moves that can be of importance in fighting such. The author outlines one of the best ways to carry out a protest successfully without going against the law to fight against such vices as oppression.

Though a lot of wrongs can be described that limits our liberty, some people have shown hope and desired evolutionally attempts. The battle plan the author talks about in this book has an aim of achieving liberty in United States. It is evident that liberty that was defined by our founding fathers is not enjoyed by many people in the land as the constitution stipulates.

As the author notes, it is not by how big the number of people who are helpful in fighting for liberty is that makes the success come about, but the spirit that they have in them. An example is given of the founding fathers that were small in number and formulated a document, which is used by the whole of America.

Basically, the battle plan is one that the American people need to use, to bring back the nation to the state that the founding fathers desired to exist where equality and liberty forms part of governance. The fact that he United States government has for some time spied on the emails and phone calls of American citizens, also raises concerns that there has been violation of the liberty and some of the core principles of the constitution.

To fight this, the author notes that the public acting in their great numbers can be able to stop this and they are powerful enough to such an extent that no government can suppress the power that they have. As the founding fathers noted, liberty is a state of mind. The same can be said when someone calls himself or herself an American.

Being an American is a state of mind that comprises or altitudes and actions that aim at achieving total liberty for the citizens as well as other people in different parts of the world. Some Americans as well as different people of the world have shown that they stand by the founding fathers and the constitution vision of having a society that practices total liberty (Wolf 211).

A good example of such people is David Antoon who even risks his career to unravel the separation of power between the state and the church. A journalist by the name of Josh Wolf decided he would rather go to jail than reveal the source of the information that he had reported. Such actions are what liberty requires us to have so as to make sure we fight against the suppression of liberty that ma be instituted by our authority.

The battle plan has the sole aim of bringing back the liberty that was lost in the way, after the founding fathers defined it. It is the people like these two individuals, which are required in the battle plan so as to achieve the desired success. Through having the right altitude, our minds will be in such a stage that liberty will be granted back to us. Restoration of liberty also requires us to have changes in our laws that strengthen the spirit of liberty in us.

Promotion of liberty is also important in other countries. United States should practice it by avoiding violence occurring between them and other countries since disagreement should be solved using on the means available to them. The foreign policy should be such that it does not suppress the liberty that is assigned to these people as they also have constitutions that highlight the same. Ensuring that liberty is practiced in other countries limits these countries from acting against our people (Wolf 178).

As the title of the book describes it “Give me back liberty” is a book that shows how liberty was defined by the founders of our great country. The founders upheld equality amongst us as well as liberty. The author notes that that there has been failure to follow the principles that provide liberty on to us through such practices as fake patriotism and having a fake democracy in our system.

There is also notable presence of laws that suppress liberty among the people. However, the author is keen to note the fact that there is hope that is inexistence in restoration of our country to one that practices total liberty.

Some people have taken it among themselves to institute change and avoid suppression of liberty. Though not many, they have the needed notion in their mind that is useful in gaining the lost liberty. Numbers do not matter in gaining the lost liberty and the spirit that the people have is what is important to them. Achieving this does not need us to wait others to fight for it as every one of us can be useful and can assist in gaining liberty individually.

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Wolf, Naomi. Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2008.Print.


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