Her want to leave you thinking with this,

Her is a good solid argument from my point which should definitely be red from both sides, or I guess all sides. We are the United States, and we are the “Well Regulated Militia.” As stated in the Second Amendmendment.Have you ever wondered if banning guns would reduce crime? Well technically there is an answer for that question. During and between the years 1994 – 2004 there was a ban on assault rifles and facts point to no less crime out of the whole situation. As a matter of fact guns or rifles of any sort are only used in about two percent of murders and murder rates went up 19.3% when the Federal Weapon Ban was in effect.    Second Amendment weapons that gun control supporters call “assault weapons” and ammo magazines that they call “vast” are among the arms secured by the Second Amendment. Since they’re among the arms that are most helpful for the whole scope of cautious reasons for existing, they’re “in common use for defensive purposes, a standard articulated by the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008). This is true, regardless of which of gun control supporters’ ever-expanding definitions of “assault weapons” one uses.”    The more guns and ammo, the less wrongdoing. From 1991, when crime blew up more than ever, to 2014, the country’s all around crime rate went down by 52 percent, to a 44-year low, including a 54 percent diminish in the murder rate, to an unsurpassed low. In the interim, Americans purchased 160 million new firearms,including a great amount of “assault weapons,” including more than fifteen million AR-15s, thus a huge number of “extensive” handgun and rifle magazines that it appears to be trivial to endeavor a check.The purpose of this writing is to get you thinking on weather it is really necessary to try and put more gun laws into effect and trust our government (which I strongly advise against) and hope that it does not become tyrannical. Or should we leave the constitution the way it has been for the past two hundred and twenty six years? The answer is pretty obvious to me. I want to leave you thinking with this, if guns are so terrible then why do crime rates drop so much when they are not banned? I think that the biggest problem with the second amendment is that it needs to be better explained, and well written so those who are uneducated can have a more logical opinion.