This paper discusses homosexuality in the light of the opinion of Young. A personal opinion of the topic is also given. More views on homosexuality by different scholars are incorporated in this article.


Definition: homosexuality has been defined as “feeling and manifestation of sexual attraction for individuals of the same sex” (Barbera 93). This definition captures both the psychological as well as physical aspect of the homosexual. Moore pointed out that homosexuality is a complicated issue and can not be limited to only having sex to with a person of the same sex. He argued that it incorporates doing all the things that people in love do, for instance kissing, caressing and looking pleasantly into each other’s eyes among other things (Moore 39).

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The Role of Religion: although homosexuality has gained a lot of publicity in the recent past, Young argued that the practice is not new to humanity. Homosexuality has been practiced in the past and a number of religions have been noted to accept different forms of homosexuality as normal. Baum in his study, as quoted by Young, showed that many traditional African cultures were receptive to homosexuality.

The study by Baum associated homosexuality in the African cultural context with religious roles: “in the religion of the Ila of Zambia, the male mwaami (prophet) might dress as and live among women” (Young 18). I tend to feel that this thought by Baum seems to be farfetched because most of the African cultures hold bearing of children as a sacred and therefore it could be hard to encourage homosexuality.

The Chinese society is also said to have encouraged homosexuality. Even among the Japanese there has been recorded some instance of homosexuality in the past: ‘the most famous expression of male homosexuality in Japan was the pederasty common in the samurai class during the Kamakura period (1192-1336)’ (Young 390).

Young further recorded that, ‘Shoguns and samurai often kept young male lovers for emotional support as well as sexual expression’ (Young 390). Most of the Christian denominations do not accept homosexuality. The western religions are generally opposed to homosexuality.

Religion has a great influence on the way people view different issues on the society. If a given religion views a behavior as a normal issue, then the adherents of that religion will take that issue to be normal. Due to the influence that religion has on the society, if it denounces a practice then such a practice becomes highly looked down upon.

Personal Opinion: Personally, I believe that homosexuality is actually a misuse of faculties. Arguing from the biological perspective, a male is meant to relate intimately with a female. I do believe that men and women are meant for companionship as well as for procreation. In as much as homosexuality might provide companionship it does not make procreation possible. Other scholars have similar views (Corvino 289)


Homosexuality is an intimate relationship between two people of the same sex. In the past, different religions have advocated for homosexuality. The Japanese, some African cultures among others religions are some of the examples of cultures which have not have an issue with homosexuality.

Religion has a huge influence on how people value different aspects. If a religion scorns on some issues then the adherents will most likely look down upon that issue and if a religion upholds a given practice the followers will equally uphold that practice.

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